Attractively designed multi-functional tube connectors

Light Clamps – the clever plastic series

plastic tube connectors

Light Clamps - plastic tube connectors

With the plastic tube connectors from the "Light Clamps" series, RK Rose+Krieger has developed a cost-effective and versatile range of tube connectors for the positive connection of tubes in the light load range. The ready detachable connections make assembly easier and faster, helping to reduce costs. Structures can be altered or disassembled at any time and reassembled at a different location. They therefore represent an extremely flexible alternative to self-made or welded constructions.

The RK LightClamps – plastic connection system guarantees utomost flexibility thanks to the design of ist reducing bushes. This design enables the clamping of the most various tube sections and –diameters. The change to other diameters or sections (round and square tube) requires only the change of the reduction bush. The basic element remains the same.

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Equipment cart made of plastic tube connectors

Equipment cart made of plastic tube connectors

Clamp connectors combine attractive design with functionality

Besides their attractive design and the intelligent system of reducing bushes the clamping elements are characterised especially by their resistance to chemicals. They are particularly appropriate for sensitive applications under laboratory conditions and for industrial applications as, for instance, in the beverage or packing industry.
Optionally equipped with High-Speed-Steel screws, RK LightClamps can also be used in the food industry and in wet areas, e. g. the beverage industry.
  • Resistant to corrosion, aggressive gases and liquids
  • Low net weight
  • Reduction sleeves for flexibility
  • Ready detachable and therefore suitable for multiple use
  • Tube connectors also available in aluminium and stainless steel
  • Compatible with the BLOCAN® Profile System
The reduction sleeve concept of the RK Light Clamps tube connectors

The reduction sleeve concept of the RK Light Clamps tube connectors

The reduction sleeve concept of the RK Light Clamps tube connectors

RK Rose+Krieger offers the light tube connectors in two sizes: 10-18 mm and 20-30 mm. The base diameter can be variably adjusted using reducing bushes. This means that different cross sections (round and square tube) and tube diameters can be clamped.

  1. Round tube
  2. Reducing bush with the elements closed
  3. Clamping elements (here: Type KVR)
  4. Reducing insertion piece for spherical shells
  5. Profile or rectangular tube
Single-piece or multi-piece clamp connector

Clamp connector versions

Which tube connector version would you like?

You can choose between single-piece clamping elements for quick and cost-effective installation, or multi-piece tube connectors that are also suitable for retrospective installation and extensions.

Single-piece clamp connector:

  • for quick, cost-effective Installation

Multi-piece clamp connector:

  • for retrofitting and extension

Typical applications of the plastic tube connectors include:

  • Lean workplacesLaboratory environments
  • Food industry
  • Wet areas in the beverage industry
  • Photographic applications
  • And much more


Multi-functional tube connectors

Multi-functional tube connectors

Single-/multi-piece clamp connector

Single-/multi-piece clamp connector

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