Multi-axis modular system: implementing gantry systems quickly and simply

RK multi-axis modular system

Implementing gantry systems quickly and simply

The new modular system from RK Rose+Krieger can be used to construct linear, planar and three-dimensional gantries in a short space of time. The RK DuoLine and RK MonoLine axis series form the basis for the modular system. The respective CAD data, detailed assembly instructions and matched construction elements make setting up the systems easier. The construction components include clamping bars, system plates and brackets, universal drag chain holders and motor adapters for connecting servo motors and planetary gears from all popular manufacturers.

Multi-axis gantry systems are used everywhere where products have to be moved or positioned. The new multi-axis modular system from RK Rose+Krieger now makes construction and assembly of these linear, planar and three-dimensional gantries even easier. At the same time, all RK DuoLine and RK MonoLine axes in all available sizes can be combined with each other. Which connection elements and which quantities are required for the respective axis combination can be seen in the catalogue for the modular system. CAD drawings of the components, detailed assembly instructions and positioning aids on all connectors make assembly even easier.

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A high level of standardisation reduces costs

That way, the multi-axis modular system speeds up the process of sizing, preparing the quotation and delivery of the gantry systems without having to sacrifice any of the high RK quality you are used to in the process. Additionally, the high level of standardisation and the absence of any engineering work required for individual constructions reduce the costs for the gantries. The standardised construction components also simplify the procurement of spare parts and on-site configuration. At the same time, the different motor adapter kits for three-phase motors and servo motors with gear units mean the systems can be used internationally. The catalogue includes a list of the various gear unit manufacturers and the matching motor adapter for each. And in the event that a motor actually exists for which there is no adapter, RK Rose+Krieger will simply modify it.

System angle bracket, system plates and clamping bars
• Enable the quick and easy connection of linear actuators
• Reduced assembly work through the integrated installation aids
• Prepared as standard for attaching drag chains
• Scope of delivery complete with the required fastenings

Motor adaption
• Standard motor adapter kits available for a variety of motor and gear unit manufacturers
• Motor adapter, servo coupling with zero backlash and assembly material as a complete set
• Complete motor adapter kits manufactured to your specifications on request

Cable management
• Multi-axis systems are optionally available with matching holders and support surface profiles
• The support surface profiles are suitable for the use of drag chains from different manufacturers

Delivery options
• Assembly by the customer according to instructions
• Assembly by RK Rose+Krieger completely or segmentally

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multi-axis modular system

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