WER 30 corner clamp

NEW: WER 30 corner clamp

added to the Light Clamps tube connectors

RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its product range of plastic tube connectors (Light Clamps) to include a size 30 corner clamp.

The new corner clamp perfectly rounds off the existing portfolio of RK Light Clamps and enables users to easily implement frames and tube constructions.
Due to the possible arrangement of three tubes positioned at precisely 90° to each other, this element can be used in a variety of constructions and is easy to assemble.
Compatibility with the Anti-Twist System enables use even with higher loads and makes the corner clamp even more versatile. 

  • Product benefits:
  • Multi-piece element, can also be integrated into existing constructions
  • Can be freely combined with the RK Light clamps reducing inserts and bushes
  • Can be used with the Anti-Twist system
Corner clamp tube connector brochure

RK tube connector – connecting tubes with one another simply and quickly

When it comes to stable and detachable tube connections, clampable tube connectors are a cost-effective and extremely flexible alternative to complex in-house designs or welded constructions. RK Rose+Krieger offers different solutions depending on the load and the application:

• Light Clamps: Plastic tube connectors for tasks with low mechanical loads are corrosion-resistant and resistant to aggressive substances.

• Solid Clamps: Aluminium tube connectors for the medium to heavy load range have good mechanical properties and impress with optimum cost efficiency.

• Robust Clamps: Stainless steel tube connectors for heavy loads and shock-proof applications are engineered to be highly resistant to temperature and corrosion. They feature a particularly high flexural strength, and retain their excellent stability even when exposed to dynamic loads.

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