Industrial support arm systems in use

Support arm systems and equipment carrier systems

Optimal positioning of control units/HMIs (Human Machine Interface)

The equipment carrier /support arm system (height-adjustable) from RK Rose+Krieger is a component range that can be selected to suit your specific requirements.

Our support arm system or swivel arm system for light loads of up to 25 kg is designed for use with our monitor mount range. It can, however, also be combined with a keyboard shelf or used as a support arm for materials boxes, for example.

For simple applications with lighter loads, we offer the GT-48 system, which is connected by means of round tubes. For medium to heavy loads we recommend the GT-50/60 or 80 support arm system, which is connected by means of square tubes and is designed for much heavier loads.

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Equipment carrier systems – height-adjustable support arm systems and swivel arms

Monitor mounts for industry must offer flexible adjustment options and be capable of withstanding harsh conditions. The support arms/swivel arms from RK Rose+Krieger significantly increase the range of movement of the monitor mount. Compatibility with RK tube connectors means that the support arms can be added to and adapted to meet individual requirements.

  • Our monitor support arm brings you numerous benefits:
  • Basic support arm for loads of up to 10 kg
  • Twin version (two support tubes) for loads of up to 25 kg
  • Telescopic version (extending support arm) for loads of up to 5 kg
  • Height-adjustable support arm for loads of up to 10 kg
  • Designed for use with the RK monitor mount, and with optional keyboard shelf
  • Compatible with the standard tube connectors and monitor mounts
Info on the support arm system for monitor mountings

Our GT support arm systems for different load levels

Adjustable end stops make it possible to adjust the swivel range of the equipment carriers. Similarly, the swivel forces can be adapted to suit the various load-bearing capacities, making the connected HMI more comfortable to operate. Preformed tube supports in the elements facilitate alignment of the support arm, and the adjusting screws are easy to access without having to disassemble the bellows. This makes the system assemble and set up.

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GT-48 support arm system (round tubes)

  • Product features:
  • Industrial round tube support arm system for control system housing
  • Modular design of the individual components
  • Protected, internal cable routing
  • Protection rating IP54 according to EN 60529
  • Based on a standardised round steel tube with a diameter of 48 mm, various system elements are available that enable customised system design in next to no time
  • The length of the steel tubes is freely selectable, and the system elements are fastened by hexagon socket cutting ring screws
  • Simple attachment installation

A free passage of 40 mm diameter remains for routing the cables, and is ideal for any industry sector and versatile combinations. Further colours, including special colours, are available on request.

GT50/60/80 equipment carrier/support arm system for square tubes

  • Product features:
  • Sturdy industrial square tube support arm system for control components
  • Modular design of the individual components
  • High load-bearing capacity, wide range of movement
  • Free system design enabled by high-strength functional elements and steel tube 80x80 mm
  • Protection class IP 65 up to the control panel provided by closed tube system with integrated sealing at the system elements

The GT-50/60/80 (square tube) support arm system is designed for heavy units such as control panels, HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) and control units. Preformed tube supports in the elements plus easy access to the adjusting screws without having to disassemble the bellows make for easy alignment of the support arm. Adjustment of all swivel ranges to suit the operating environment by means of adjustable end stops in the rotating and swivel elements. Adaptation of the swivel forces for different load-bearing capacities by means of continuously variable pivot bearings. The cables are protected against damage by burr-free inner contours, free cable passage measuring 49 cm² via smooth transitions between tube and system elements.

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