Aluminium profiles from RK Rose+Krieger – connecting profiles without the need for further machining

BLOCAN® aluminium profile systems –

the assembly system without machining

Profile System

No drilling! – Simply cut the aluminium profiles to length and assemble!

The core product in the Profile Technology range is the BLOCAN® Aluminium Profile System with its structural profiles, functional profiles and heavy-duty profiles, and almost limitless applications and scope for combination. Special RK Connecting Technology makes it possible to install profiles without any prior machining, thus saving preparation and installation time. These clever connection elements dispense with the need for machines and special equipment. The profiles are simply cut to length and assembled. And more than 100 different profile sizes and cross-sections (from 20 mm to 320 mm, many available from stock) are easy to assemble in this way.

What's more, BLOCAN® profile systems are not only compatible with one another, but also with other product ranges, such as the tube connectors, linear units, lifting columns and electric cylinders.

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Our BLOCAN® aluminium profile system – the benefits

  • Combine, install, modify
  • 1. Cost benefit
    • Maximum flexibility, without any machining of the aluminium profiles
    • Low installation cost plus scope for repositioning if needed
    • Construction and installation errors are easier to rectify
  • 2. Simplicity
    • Just order and install
    • Simple tools are sufficient for assembly and installation
  • 3. Compatibility
    • Aluminium profiles can be combined with products from other ranges
  • 4. Appearance
    • Connection not visible from the outside, so there's no problem when using accessories
  • 5. Strength
    • Our reliable Connecting Technology has been field-tested over many years (“long-term stability”)
    • Profile cross-section is not weakened by drill holes, slots or cut-outs
    • Our Connecting Technology secures the profiles against twisting
    • Special geometry for optimum load transfer
  • 6. Free service
    • We cut to your required length
    • Aluminium profiles marked, deburred, ready to install
    • Connection kits pre-installed in the profile on request
    • CAD product library available as construction aid
Overview of aluminium profiles

We divide our profile system range into three categories. Structural profiles with fixing slots on all sides, Functional/special profiles with smooth outer surfaces, for when the focus is on appearance, and Heavy-duty profiles. The range also includes the cable channel system. The modular system of aluminium profiles also provides a flexible basis for the safety guard system and the workstation system.

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