EP(X)-II twin tube linear actuator in a new size

EP(X)-II twin tube linear actuator in a new size

Sturdy twin tube unit compensates for high bending moments

The EP(X)-II series of twin tube units from RK Rose+Krieger provide a robust solution for precise positioning of medium to high loads in any installation position. Alongside the 30 and 40 sizes, RK has now added the 50 size, another popular actuator size, to its portfolio.

Like the other models in the range, the new 50 size from RK Rose+Krieger, with trapezoidal screw and an overall length of up to 3 m, compensates for high bending moments during manual and motor-driven adjustment. Ease of maintenance and cleaning are further advantages of these sturdy linear actuators. The concept of the split lead nut is one of the factors that make the actuators easy to maintain. In case of wear, the lead nut can simply be replaced without having to dismantle the linear actuator.

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Linear units with trapezoidal screw drive or ball screw drive

The outstanding features of the new twin tube units include excellent running properties plus high rigidity and zero backlash of the carriage over the total travel. Modern materials and high-performance slide guides as standard in the EP(X)-II linear units are the secret to their superior running properties, minimal wear and consequently long lifetime. These linear units are supplied both as twin tube actuators with trapezoidal screw drive from the EP(X)-II range, and also in a solid shaft version with precision ball screw drive from the EPX(X)-II KG range. The EP(X)-II is suitable for occasional positioning, and the EP(X)-II KG for dynamic service. The standard solutions are compatible with each other, so the user can install them in any combination. Which linear actuators are actually used depends on the requirements of the individual application.

Backward compatible

The linear units in the EP(X)-II range are compatible with the popular EP(X) units in all functional dimensions, outer dimensions and screw leads. This means that applications in which the older models are used can be optimised with the new twin tube units without any design work being required. It is not necessary to replace accessories such as handwheels or positioning indicators.

Various versions available

The twin tube units come in a choice of versions: "Right and lefthand thread", "Right or lefthand thread" or Split screw. A manual, force-fit spindle clamp is optionally available. It ensures reliable locking of the carriage and so prevents unintentional movement.

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