RK LEAN Solution Workshops

RK LEAN Solution Workshops

We will develop your optimum workstation system together

Raise production processes to a new level through effective LEAN management

We will support you in that with our comprehensive range of services under the name “RK LEAN solutions”

RK Rose+Krieger, your expert for ergonomic lean (assembly) workstations, now also offers one-day LEAN solutions workshops where your employees actively participate in workplace development. Our aim is to reduce one-piece flow processing times, reduce waste and increase productivity.

  • LEAN solutions workshop - your benefits
  • Staff experience is utilised, acceptance of change is encouraged
  • Realistic simulations of the concept (cardboard engineering)
  • Less space required
  • Reduction in inventory and intermediate storage
  • Shorter processing times
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in overall costs
  • Ergonomics at the workstation, positive influence on the performance and health of employees

Our specialised LEAN consultants analyse the production and logistics at the current workstation together with your affected employees and then develop a concept for the future lean workstation. With the help of cardboard engineering, together we implement a realistic simulation of the concept as a 1:1 scale model made of wood and cardboard. At this cardboard workstation, employees can produce and keep improving it until everyone is happy with the processes and the results. In doing so, we optimise the material flow, the load carrier dimensioning and the ergonomics of material provision, each of which is precisely tailored to your individual needs. Those affected become participants in this method and bring their creativity, detailed knowledge and experience to the table. Our goal-oriented way of working will ensure that the result satisfies your requirements. This creates a one-piece-flow workstation that has successfully passed the practical test.

Ergonomic, optimised workstation systems and motivated employees

Thanks to our LEAN solutions workshops, companies benefit from real tried-and-tested workstation systems and highly motivated employees. Our height-adjustable (assembly) workstations are designed according to ergonomic criteria and ideally tailored to the needs of your employees. Implementing these workstations leads to reduced delivery times, increased productivity and reduced waste.

Companies often shy away from investing in new lean workstations because they cannot assess whether they will actually benefit from it. Our workshops don’t just incorporate employees’ practical experiences into the workstation design; the workstations are also put through their paces. This brings their potentials to the fore and lays bare the advantages they offer to companies.

Image shows the contact person for LEAN workshops
Jérôme Kemker - Lean Manager

Your contact person for LEAN solution workshops

Contact us to learn more about our LEAN workshops and optimise our production.

Jérôme Kemker

Lean Manager

Telephone: +49(571) 9335-104


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