Linear units / linear axes with spindle drive / toothed belt drive / toothed rack

Linear units / linear guides

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Linear units

RK linear units - variety for the ideal solution

Linear units are used in almost every single area of automation and machine engineering. From simple adjustments that may be seldom required, right up to highly complex, highly precise and highly dynamic multi-axis systems. Every task is different. And every task requires a technically accomplished, cost-effective solution. RK linear units – variety offers the ideal solution
The wide range of RK linear units is the result of the variety of customer applications. What used to be referred to as 'special applications' have now become readily available, attractively priced standard modules. It is therefore likely that the ideal RK linear unit for your particular application already exists.

Drive with spindle, toothed belt or toothed rack - it all depends on the application

The positioning movement of the linear units can be performed using either an ACME or ball screw, toothed belt or rack and pinion. The stroke lengths for all RK linear actuators are freely selectable and can be customised to suit your specific application. Linear actuators with ACME screw are the preferred option for simple movement applications, while the ball screw is used for higher speeds, accuracies and loads.
The largely maintenance-free linear actuators with toothed belt are often used for pick & place applications which require high repeatability with short cycle times and cycle rates (high dynamics).
The linear units with rack and pinion drive are suitable for dynamic movement applications and long travel distances. Multiple guide carriages can be moved independently of each other on a single guide profile.

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