Corrosion-protected belt-driven actuator

RK MonoLine Z80 – corrosion-protected –

Linear technology for the medium load range

New: RK MonoLine Z80 - completely corrosion-protected

Especially for automation solutions in areas of application where condensation and dripping water can form due to the ambient or production conditions, we are supplementing our series of toothed belt driven linear axes of the type RK MonoLine with a completely corrosion-protected variant in the common size 80.

The compact linear units in the RK MonoLine range offer a high power/weight ratio and excellent value for money. They are engineered specifically for highly dynamic, accurate repetition of pick & place, palletising and loading and unloading operations in the medium load range, combining high rigidity with smooth running performance, a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm and maximum acceleration of 20 m/s².

  • The product features of the RK MonoLine corrosion-protected:
  • guided timing-belt - tension member timing belt of stainless steel
  • guide shafts/standard parts and accessories made of stainless steel
  • corrosion-resistant ball bearings
  • drain holes in the pulley box
  • protection class IP20
  • full compatibility with the standard range
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