I/O interface

I/O interface

The interface for industrial applications

Optimising and automating your application by connecting to programmable logic controllers (PLC)

The I/O interface is used to actuate the MultiControl II via digital inputs and outputs (e.g. of a PLC). The module does this by forwarding the digital inputs to the MultiControl II as commands. The feedback signals from the controller are in turn transferred via the digital outputs. The I/O interface thus transmits the serial RS485 interface of the MultiControl II to the digital inputs and outputs bidirectionally. All the inputs and outputs of the module are configured with standard functions. Digital inputs 4, 5 and 6, for instance, are intended for saving memory positions of the lifting column. It is important to mention that the hand switch with 6 function keys simplifies the saving of memory positions greatly. It can be used to both save and move to memory positions.

  • Highlights/features:
  • Connecting element from MultiControl II to higher control level
  • Bidirectional communication between controller and higher control level via 16 digital inputs and outputs
  • Saving and moving to up to 7 memory positions
  • Starting up the initialisation sequence
  • Adjustable travel speed
  • Enables acknowledgement of errors
  • Feedback to higher control (e.g. movement active, position reached, error status etc.)
  • Encoder simulation A/B delivers a signal which simulates a 2-channel encoder and represents the position of motor 1
  • Standard functions make for shorter and simpler programming

Optimising processes and increasing the level of automation

The RK Rose + Krieger lifting column range supports numerous workflows in a wide range of assembly and manufacturing processes. A special data interface has now been developed to further optimise these workflows and increase the level of automation. A lifting column for user-friendly setting up, for instance, can be operated using a hand switch. The rest of the production process is then controlled via a PLC.

The housing is designed to allow simple integration in a control cabinet.


Catalogue of lifting columns/electric cylinders I/O interface commissioning

Digital inputs and outputs

The 16 digital inputs and outputs enable a wide range of commands and feedbacks to be implemented.

  • Standard functions of the digital inputs:
  • Status message
  • Initialisation complete
  • Memory position reached
  • Movement active
  • Retracted status
  • Encoder simulation
MultiControl II operating manual I/O interface commissioning

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