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RK Rose+Krieger GmbH’s regularly expanded and updated online portal, allows you to download products in the form of CAD data. Once access has been set up you will be able to have 20 products generated for you daily in the data format of your choice. These will then be delivered by email or direct download, completely free of charge. We construct CAD components to your geometric specification and so this must be as accurate as possible to achieve an optimum product standard.

Click here for the CAD-Download of the RK-Products:


The RK Rose+Krieger CAD component catalogue has been awarded the "Golden Catalog Seal"

RK attaches great value to quality and service, which of course cannot be allowed to stop at the engineers in the field of provision of CAD applications. That's why we are continuously working on the optimisation of our PARTCommunity catalogue page. This high standard has been checked by CADENAS and RK Rose+Krieger has been awarded the golden seal for quality.

  • Special properties of the catalogue:
  • Central management with the CADENAS quality protocol PARTproject QA
  • Electronic test run passed (CAD compatibility in place)
  • Only unique designations included -> full ERP compatibility
  • English as original / default language
  • The 20 most important modelling rules have been followed
  • ERP mapping for PARTupdate available
  • Weight information included
  • Customs tariff numbers included
  • Assistant / configurator for product selection included
  • Images for variant selection / configuration included
  • Kinematic / geometrical dependencies defined
  • Manufacturing locations stored
  • Colouring taken into account
  • Materials included
  • Consistent variable names
  • Automatic dimensions
  • The following languages are supported: German, English
  • CADENAS (standard variables, e.g. dimensions, material etc.)
  • eCl@ss 8.0
  • Spare parts information
  • Environmental information
  • Recycling information

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Olaf Durstewitz

Olaf Durstewitz
Head of Product Consultancy

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