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Light Clamps, plastic tube connectors –

Connecting tubes simply and flexibly

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"Light Clamps" versatile and cost-effective plastic tube connectors

The plastic tube connectors in the "Light Clamps" series from RK Rose+Krieger are cost-effective and versatile tube connectors for connecting square and round tubes in the light load range. Detachable connections make assembly easier and faster, helping to reduce costs. Structures can be altered or disassembled at any time and reassembled at a different location. This makes them an extremely flexible alternative to custom or welded constructions.

  • Plastic tube connectors – product benefits at a glance:
  • Resistant to corrosion, aggressive gases and liquids
  • Low net weight
  • Reduction sleeves for flexibility
  • Ready detachable and therefore suitable for multiple use
  • Compatible with the BLOCAN® Profile System

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The reducing bush concept of our plastic tube connectors – for connecting tubes simply and flexibly

RK Light Clamps – the plastic tube connector system gives you maximum flexibility with its reducing bush concept. These lightweight tube clamps are suitable for all applications with low mechanical loads, plus they're resistant to corrosion and aggressive substances.

The reducing bushes allow you to clamp together different tube cross-sections and diameters. This means that switching to a different diameter or cross-section (round or square tube) is only a matter of changing a reducing bush. The basic element of the tube clamps remains in place.

RK Rose+Krieger supplies lightweight tube connectors in two sizes: 10-18 mm and 20-30 mm. The base diameter can be variably.

1. Round tube

2. Reducing bush with the elements closed

3. Clamping elements (here: Type KVR)

4. Reducing insertion piece for spherical shells

5. Profile or rectangular tube

Plastic clamp connectors – functionality & design

In addition to the attractive design and an intelligent reducing bush concept, the key feature of our plastic tube connectors is their resistance to chemicals. This makes them ideal for sensitive applications in the laboratory sector and for industrial applications, for example in the beverage or packaging industry. Equipped with optional stainless steel screws, the RK Light Clamps are also used in the food industry and in wet areas in the beverage industry.

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Plastic tube connectors in various designs

You can choose between single-piece tube connectors for quick and inexpensive installation, or multi-piece tube connectors that are also suitable for retrofitting and extensions.

Single-piece plastic tube connectors:

• for quick and inexpensive installation
(the connector is pushed onto the tube)

Multi-piece plastic tube connectors:

• suitable for retrofitting and extensions
(the connector is fitted around the tube and then fastened)

In addition to different versions of plastic tube connectors, you can also buy aluminium tube connectors and stainless steel tube connectors at RK Rose+Krieger . Order now!

NEW: Tube connectors with ball joint in size 18

K Rose+Krieger is expanding its product range of aluminium (Solid Clamps) and plastic (Light Clamps) tube connectors to include a total of seven clamping elements with a size 18 ball joint.

All the new ball clamps have a universal connecting plate that can be rotated 360° to ensure flexible connection and feature two slotted holes and two threads. The connecting plates’ pivoting range is 60° in each case. The clamping elements can be freely adjusted and easily fixed. This makes them ideal for the construction of flexible tube structures, as well as for mounting sensors, reflectors and other elements that need to be precisely aligned or readjusted more frequently, depending on the production requirements and product. A special surface coating on the ball joint makes for a high-strength clamping connection.

  • Features:
  • can be pivoted freely by 60°/can be rotated 360°
  • can be combined with size 18 and 30 tube connectors
  • the clamps feature a universal connecting plate for flexible integration
  • high-strength clamping thanks to special finishes
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