Aluminium clamp connector. A wide range of models which is unique on the market

Solid clamps – the original aluminium tube connectors

Tube connectors are flexible, quick and easy to use

Tube connectors are flexible, quick and easy to use

RK tube connector – unbeatable variety

Due to the simple clamping principle, the aluminium die-cast elements of the tube connection system enable the fast assembly of round and rectangular precision tubes. Its variety of variants makes the systems to be an interesting and cost-effective alternative to conventional welded connections.
The product range comprises a multiplicity of different versions including clamping elements for round tubes with diameters of 8-80 mm and square tubes with diameters of 20-80 mm. More than 170 basic versions in 400 different variations are available. Solid clamps are available in three designs:


Tube connector in industrial design


Tube connector in industrial design

The complete tube connection system. The huge range of models, clamp diameters and possible combinations is unique on the market.
  • Cast aluminium
  • Huge variety
  • Single-piece clamp connector
Block form tube connector

Block form

Block form tube connector

The straight external contours distinguish the block form range from the industrial design range in terms of appearance. The multi-piece versions enable the clamp connectors to be integrated into existing constructions retrospectively.
  • Cast aluminium
  • Higher torque
  • Even external contours
  • Multi-piece clamp connectors
quad® tube connector


quad® tube connector

Made from extruded aluminium profiles, the cuboidal, anodised connecting elements have a timeless appearance and can withstand exceptionally high loads.
  • Extruded aluminium profile
  • Maximum torque
  • High-quality anodised finish with straight external contours
  • Stainless steel cylinder head screws (usually countersunk)
  • Single-piece and multi-piece clamp connectors
Clamp connector versions

Clamp connector versions

Which tube connector version would you like?

The tube connection system comprises clamping elements for static and dynamic loads, which can be joined together very easily to form functional components and used in any industry.
Single-piece clamp connector:
  • for quick, cost-effective installation
  • for connecting round tubes
Multi-piece clamp connector:
  • suitable for retrofitting and extensions
  • for connecting round and/or square tubes

Rohr-Verbindungssystem aus Aluminium

Fig. shows industrial design

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