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Stainless steel tube connectors – Robust Clamps

High-strength tube connection

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Stainless-steel tube connectors – high-strength, temperature and corrosion-resistant, suitable for dynamic loads

RK Rose+Krieger developed the precision-cast stainless-steel tube connectors specifically for heavy loads and impact resistance. These high-strength tube connectors are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, and are engineered for dynamic loads. Electrochemical passivation – achieved by final electropolishing – makes these tube connectors more resilient and acid-resistant  than elements made of untreated stainless steel. So they are highly resistant to cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents or hot water from pressure washers, and ideal for use in packaging machines or for feed systems in the chemical industry.

  • Product benefits:
  • High clamping forces even in the face of dynamic loads
  • High strength for dynamic loads
  • Extremely resistant to high torsional stress
  • Optimised weight
  • High temperature resistance
  • Corrosion-resistant 1.4308 stainless steel
  • Cost-effective alternative to DIY with attractive design
  • Electropolished surface, enclosed threads: easier to clean and less susceptible to soiling

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Sturdy and reliable – including for dynamic loads

The stainless steel clamp connectors should be of interest to many users in the chemical and food industries.
Other potential applications include
 • beverage bottling,
 • packaging and process engineering
 • and also extend to exterior applications
 • and installations that are subject to thermal stresses.

Sturdy and reliable stainless steel tube connectors from RK Rose+Krieger are ideal for demanding, corrosion-resistant constructions, as found in apparatus and plant engineering for the chemical industry. For example, construction of load-bearing base frames for chemical weighing scales or the installation of shut-off devices in waste water treatment plants – the rugged and versatile Robust Clamps are a very flexible and comparatively low-cost way of connecting tubes reliably and securely. This makes them an interesting alternative to costly and time-consuming custom or welded constructions. If necessary, the tube connections can be detached and reused.

In addition to different stainless steel tube connector versions, you can also buy aluminium tube connectors and plastic tube connectors at RK Rose+Krieger. Order now!

Stainless steel tube connectors – clever details for simple handling

Our Robust Clamps tube connectors create high clamping forces and provide reliable, high-strength connections, including for dynamic loads. Exterior hex screws make for easy installation with standard tools, while a silicone cover protects the threads against soiling, and damage. Smooth contour transitions optimise resistance to torsional stresses and, in conjunction with the blind hole design, low surface roughness and large slots on the connection itself, they also minimise dirt accumulation. The wall thickness is optimised for minimum weight. The following types are currently available in 12–40 millimetre sizes: flange clamps (FK), angle clamps (W), base clamps (FS) and cross clamps (K).

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