Timing-belt unit

Timing-belt unit

Linear units with timing belt for dynamic handling tasks

Linear actuators with timing belt drive are designed for high dynamics and large travel distances, and are often used for pick & place applications, for instance, in which it is all about high repeatability with short cycle times.
The toothed belt linear actuators are also available for delivery without a drive as a simple linear guide. These are often used as travelling torque supports.
Fixing slots/holes and standard accessories can be used to combine the linear actuators problem-free to form multi-axis systems. Our product consultants are happy to help you with the sizing and construction of your application. 

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RK MonoLine (roller guide linear actuator)

The RK MonoLine is a high performance class roller guide, which represents excellent value for money.

Sizes 40,60, 80, 120   Mx max. 14-280 Nm
Max. stroke length. 5465-5780 mm   My max. 35-1010 Nm
Fx max. 4800-4800 N   Mz max. 55-1780 Nm
Fy max. 1100-9400 N   Guide • roller guide available without drive
Fz max. 694-5200 N   Optional • extended guide carriage
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RK MonoLine MT (roller guide linear actuator)

Linear unit with Omega drive. A typical application is use as a moving axis.


80, 80x120, 80x160

  Mx max. 95 Nm

Max. stroke length.

5614 mm   My max. 564 Nm
Fx max. 1500 N   Mz max. 982 Nm
Fy max. 4367 N  


• centring holes in the guide carriage and end elements
Fz max. 2509 N     • extended guide carriage
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• vertical installation with locking device optional

MultiLine (ball rail linear actuator)

Compact ball rail linear actuator for high loads.

Sizes 200   Mx max. 920 Nm
Max. stroke length. 5620 mm   My max. 1600 Nm
Fx max. 4700 N   Mz max. 1500 Nm
Fy max. 8200 N   Guide • roller guide available without drive
Fz max. 12000 N     locking system RK Safelock

RK DuoLine Z (ball rail linear actuator)

All-round talent with encapsulated guide system.

Sizes 60, 80, 120, 160   Mx max. 48-500 Nm
Max. stroke length. 5665-9010mm   My max. 160-1200 Nm
Fx max. 1000-6000 N   Mz max. 140-1150 Nm
Fy max. 700-5100 N   Guide • roller guide available without drive
Fz max. 2500-8900 N     locking system RK Safelock

D-Line (heavy duty linear actuator)

Heavy duty linear unit.

Sizes 160, 240, 320           Mx max. 3800 Nm
Max. stroke length. 9194 mm   My max. 6880 Nm
Fx max. 4700 N   Mz max. 6880 Nm
Fy max. 30000 N      
Fz max. 30000 N   Guide available without drive

SQ-MT (roller guide linear actuator)

Timing-belt unit for large strokes/travel.

Sizes 30, 40, 50, 60, 80   Mx max. 48-380 Nm
Max. stroke length. 3722-17476 mm   My max. 70-430 Nm
Fx max. 480-3200 N   Mz max. 60-370 Nm
Fy max. 1000-5000N      
Fz max. 1200-6000N      

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