X2 lifting columns

RK Rose+Krieger is the exclusive distributor of X2 lifting columns in Germany


Expanded range of products for higher loads and speeds

A distribution agreement generates synergies for both parties: RK Rose+Krieger is able to expand its range of lifting columns for special solutions and extreme applications, while simultaneously strengthening its presence in the Swedish market. In turn, X2 customers in Germany benefit from enhanced service and customer proximity thanks to RK Rose+Krieger's infrastructure.


"The background is that our parent company, Phoenix Mecano, acquired all the shares in X2 Technology AB, based in Sweden, as of 1 June 2021, and transferred them to the renamed Phoenix Mecano AB, while retaining the X2 brand name", explains Kai Liesendahl, Sales Manager at RK Rose+Krieger. "These high-end Swedish lifting columns are designed for industrial applications, for example in the fields of special mechanical engineering and medical technology, and they complement our range perfectly". In return, Phoenix Mecano AB will market the products of RK Rose+Krieger more intensively in Sweden. "It's a win-win situation for both of us", as Patrik Nilsson, CEO of Phoenix Mecano AB, emphasises. "Germany is a strategic growth market for us, and one in which RK Rose+Krieger is very well established. We look forward to a successful partnership".

High-end lifting columns designed for special applications

X2 lifting columns are engineered specifically for niche applications and special cases. They are mainly custom solutions and can also be supplied as one-off items. They are designed for high loads, long stroke lengths and high dynamics, so they can extend the telescoping elements more quickly. A good application example is the collaboration with a major tool manufacturer to develop a solution for semi-automated drilling of holes in industrial floors and ceilings. A mobile robot is equipped with an X2 lifting column on which a percussion drill is fitted. This solution allows the drilled holes to be positioned very accurately by remote control.