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When we talk about intralogistics, we mean all internal processes, starting with incoming goods, storage, material provision, internal transport, order processing, packaging and dispatch. Intralogistics must be tailored to the process and be flexibly adaptable and expandable. RK Rose+Krieger, with its wide product portfolio, offers the basis for optimally designing internal material flows. RK components are perfectly coordinated and the different series are compatible with each other.

With its modular range of over 50,000 individual components, RK Rose+Krieger offers the ideal basis for customised system solutions in intralogistics.
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Individual transport trolleys/equipment carts for your intralogistics

Internal material flow, also known as intralogistics, involves a wide variety of materials, components, tools and much more being transported from A to B. Standard trolleys, pallets or even wheelbarrows are not the best choice for moving all these things safely and without damaging them.

The RK Rose+Krieger modular product range is ideal for making transport trolleys or equipment carts that are optimally tailored to the products being transported. They can be adapted, expanded or even completely converted into new systems as required.
Mobile material stores perfectly complement workstation solutions to ensure uninterrupted material supply.

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Battery-operated solutions for mobile applications

A target application for the RK battery-operated controls is assembly at several production stations, such as in control cabinet assembly. For transporting the sometimes very heavy cabinets to the individual stations, a wide variety of transport and lever solutions up to overhead cranes are typically required. With the mobile assembly tables that can be realised with the synchronous controls, these complex devices are no longer necessary. The assembly tables can be ergonomically adjusted both in height and inclination to the respective work and then moved to the next station together with the control cabinet. Downtimes are thus reduced to an absolute minimum.

Another target application is ergonomic work in manual material warehouses with different levels. Whereas in the past the heavy material boxes had to be removed awkwardly and unergonomically by the employees (from the different levels), mobile height-adjustable material lift trucks can now be used. With the MultiControl II duo accu, such systems can be comfortably realised.

Video control cabinet assembly

Material provision for workstation systems/assembly islands

Well-organised intralogistics also ensure that the right materials are always available and clearly labelled so that products can be assembled quickly and without any errors. LEAN techniques and  assistance systems definitely play a major role here. With RK products, individual system solutions can be developed and, according to requirement, supplemented with technologies such as pick to light, poka-yoke or camera systems.
This means that small or medium batches can also be produced efficiently at an assembly workstation. Mobile assembly workstations and material stores allow a wide variety of products to be manufactured on a very small base area.

Our LEAN experts will also be happy to organise a workshop to help you in planning your system solution.

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Upgrading and securing logistics with modern technology

The RK monitor mount does a great job not only in commercial vehicles and industrial trucks, but also in industry, for which it was specially developed.

Whether for conveyor lines, industrial trucks or picking/assembly workstations – flat screens and touch displays are often indispensable. Many older systems need to be retrofitted with modern display technology. Rose+Krieger developed the RK monitor mount especially for industrial use.

Partitioning danger zones and protecting employees

The flexible and standard-compliant safety guard and partition system from RK Rose+Krieger is typically used to enclose automated production/logistics processes and thus protect people and machinery. It meets the highest demands when it comes to safety, customised design, and functionality. Take advantage of our decades of experience in this area and secure your sensitive storage areas against unauthorised access, or dangerous areas to protect your employees.

We would be happy to assist you in planning your protection system.

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Printing and labelling of packaging

An increasing variety of goods with simultaneously shorter product cycles, plus a trend towards customisation and serialisation of packaging requires flexible labelling and reading equipment (printers, labelling machines, laser markers, scanners, etc.).

RK offers a comprehensive solution with its modular system of tube connectors and linear units. This also includes stand systems that can be modified, supplemented or reused in new systems if required.

Stand system Product finder tube connectors
Order picking trolleys made from plastic tube connectors

Order picking trolleys made from plastic tube connectors

Customised material/picking trolleys can be created with aluminium or plastic tube connectors.

Mobile packing table made from tube connectors

Mobile packing table made from tube connectors

A mobile packing table can be used in any production or dispatch area, ensuring that everything you need is there when you need it. An ideal addition to your intralogistics.

Equipment carts tailored to the product

Equipment carts tailored to the product

Intralogistics modules can be perfectly adapted to suit the product. In this equipment cart, round items (spindles) are transported safely and protected against damage.

Height-adjustable and mobile equipment cart

Height-adjustable and mobile equipment cart

Everything you need is brought to you quickly. This special equipment cart is optimally designed for its task using RK tube connectors.

Mobile equipment cart

Mobile equipment cart

Everything you need is brought to you quickly. This special equipment cart is optimally designed for its task using RK tube connectors.

Picking workstation

Picking workstation

By changing the mobile material feed, different products can be picked at one station.

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