Aluminium profiles from RK Rose+Krieger – connecting profiles without the need for further machining

Aluminium profiles from RK Rose+Krieger – connecting profiles without the need for further machining

BLOCAN® aluminium profile systems – the assembly system without machining

The true calibre of a profile is characterised not by the profile itself but in the connection of the profiles to one another. Our years of application experience have enabled us to develop an industrial aluminium profile system that leaves almost nothing to be desired. Boundless creativity, maximum flexibility and proven reliability offer a broad spectrum of possible solutions for the task in question.

No need for drill holes ... these are held together without! Simply cut the aluminium profiles to length and assemble them!

That’s what this unique range of construction profiles was designed for. Clever connection elements free you from machines and equipment. The profiles are cut to length and assembled. And more than 100 different profile sizes and cross-sections can be easily assembled using this connection method.
RK connecting technology saves time in preparation and assembly

RK connecting technology saves time in preparation and assembly

Our BLOCAN aluminium profile system – the benefits
• combine, assemble, modify
• maximum flexibility, with no need for mechanical machining of the aluminium 
• reliable connecting technology has been field-tested over many years
  (“long-term stability”)
• cost-effective due to low assembly costs, assembly position can be moved
• wide range of aluminium profiles in stock, with cross-sections from 20 to 320 mm
• available as bars or cut-to-length (marked, deburred, ready for installation)
• profile systems can be combined with one another


Compatible aluminium profile system – a unique range

This range is truly unique as the BLOCAN® Profile Systems are not only compatible with one another, but also with parts of other ranges, such as the tube connectors, linear units, lifting columns and electric cylinders. This provides scope for a fascinating range of application options.

Your application is our focus
We have divided our aluminium profiles according to your preferred applications:

Convincing arguments:

1. Cost advantage
• No mechanical machining necessary
• Errors in construction or assembly can be rectified more easily
2. Simple
• Just order and assemble
3. Compatibility
• Aluminium profiles can be combined with products in other ranges
4. Appearance
• Connection not visible from outside and therefore not a disruptive factor when using accessories
5. Resistance
• Profile cross section is not weakened by drill holes or milled slots
• Profiles are secured against twisting by the connecting technology
• Optimal application of force thanks to special geometry
6. Tools
• Simple tools are sufficient for assembly
7. Free of charge
• Can be cut to specification
• Aluminium profiles marked and deburred
8. Service
• Connecting sets can be pre-assembled on the profile upon request
• CAD product library available for use as a construction aid

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