BLOCAN® heavy-duty aluminium profiles

Blocan® D-Profiles

D-Line Portal

Heavy-duty aluminium profiles like the BLOCAN® D-profile with an 18 mm-slot width combined with a special press mount connector feature high bending and torsional stiffness in relation to their low net weight. They make new structural solutions possible and replace steel in many areas. For example, the 160x320 BLOCAN® D-profile is a match for an IPE 360 double T-girder even though it has smaller dimensions and weighs more than 35% less. Thus the BLOCAN® heavy-duty profiles can be used to build lightweight machine frames and large portal systems, which until now were the sole preserve of steel structures. Altogether, the BLOCAN® profile assembly system consists of heavy-duty profiles in the sizes D-80x80, D-80x160 and D-80x240 as well as D-160x160, D-160x240 and D-160x320.

Assembly of the heavy-duty profiles is made significantly easier by the RK press mount connector, a connector especially developed for heavy-duty applications. The profiles are simply cut to length and held together by pressure and a high-strength screw connection that can be unscrewed at any time. No further work is necessary. Accordingly, the assembly costs are much lower than with other profile systems or steel structures. Another advantage is that structures made from D-profiles can be easily disassembled and put back together in a different place or new form.

Facts and figures at a glance
•    Dimensions : 80x80, 80x160, 80x240, 160x160, 160x240 and 160x320
•    Simple construction
•    Extremely stable (high-strength)
•    Can be used with dynamic forces
•    Quick and easy to assemble
•    18 mm-wide slot
•    Slot stones with fixing thread of up to M12
•    Very good value for money