Linearunit RK Monoline MT

RK Monoline MT – linear unit with Omega drive

The new member of the RK Monoline product line is based on the roller guide concept of the RK MonoLine Z 80, but has a different drive concept: on the RK Monline MT, the timing belt does not circulate, but is driven in the area of the guide carriage. That is why an Omega drive is referred to. The tried-and-tested variable mounting concept allows the motor position to be changed subsequently for almost all motors available on the market. Compact dimensions facilitate high speeds and high positioning accuracy and repeatability – in particular for use as a vertical axis in a multi-axis system with travelling base profile and stationary carriage/motor. As a horizontal axis with a rated load on the carriage, on the other hand, extremely long strokes can be achieved. A further typical application is use as a moving axis.


• Short- and long carriage

• Centring holes and fixing thread

• Motor can be mounted optional at each side

• Vertical installation with locking device optional

• Central  lubricating access on the carriage facilitates maintenance

• Sizes: 80, 80x120, 80x160


Vorteile Zahnriemenachse RK MonoLine MT

Features linear unit RK MonoLine MT

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