RK MonoLine roller guide in the sizes 40, 80 and 120 (from February 2018)

RK MonoLine linear units —

the new efficiency class, also available in sizes 80x120 and 80x160

The RK Monoline range of roller guides with timing belt drives has been extended to include sizes 80x120 and 80x160. The four standard sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 are available. The variable mounting concept for the linear units is suitable for virtually all motors and enables the subsequent modification of the position of the motor. Profile slots reduce the amount of engineering required to fix rated loads and make customisation easier. The RK MonoLine Z can withstand loads of up to 2,800 N, reaches travel speeds of up to 10 m/s with permissible accelerations of up to max. 20 ms², and represents excellent value for money.

  • Product benefits:
  • Central lubricating access on the carriage facilitates maintenance
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Deflectors allow for variable motor arrangement which can still be modified subsequently
  • Repeatability ±0.05 mm
  • Guided toothed belt – no "sagging" when assembling above the head and in case of long strokes
  • Centring holes in the carriage reduces the required assembly/alignment work for a rated load
  • The axis can be secured quickly and easily thanks to clamping bars and slot stone bars
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Variable mounting system

As with the timing-belt-driven linear units in the RK DuoLine range, the RK MonoLine Z also features a variable mounting system for almost all motors available on the market. The motor position no longer needs to be specified when placing an order and can be changed at a later stage. The new actuators are fitted with a timing-belt guidance system as standard. The optional clamping and slot stone bars reduce the amount of engineering required and make customisation easier. The profile slots enable maximum flexibility for the fixation of customer-specific accessories, such as drag chains and tube holders, as well as limit or proximity switches for limit switching. The payload is fixed securely using the slot stones with tapped holes available as accessories. For users this means minimal effort required in construction, reduced assembly costs and quicker assembly. Special tapered lubrication nipples on the side of the carriage facilitate lubrication of the linear units in any carriage position. It is not necessary to move the units into a particular maintenance position or to disassemble any fittings. Central lubrication speeds up maintenance and also makes it safer and simpler. The new linear actuators impress due to their smooth running and high precision when subjected to medium dynamic loads. The RK Rose+Krieger portfolio includes the RK DuoLine series for applications where high dynamic performance is demanded. The linear units with ball rail guide are available in the sizes 160/120/80/60/40 and can be supplied either with or without a drive in a timing-belt- or a spindle-driven version.

What's more

RK Rose+Krieger offers a special service to help select the right motor specification. Based on the customer's data for the specific application such as load, installation position, speed and acceleration, RK Rose+Krieger determines the necessary torque, speed and external geometric moment of inertia.

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