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Visits to trade fairs are expensive and they are an expense factor for your company. As a result of this, only a few chosen specialists are allowed to visit the trade fairs. But then there is the Infomobile that offers a presentation platform to all relevant people of your company. They only have to interrupt their work for the time that is necessary to visit the Infomobile. With this, the import information procurement is very efficient for your team because they can get the required information without wasting time on travelling.

More than 20 presentation panels with exhibits and functional samples, as well as several applications of the drive and linear technology offer an overview of the RK-products. You can discuss technical problems and try out anything. You can directly discuss projects and solutions. There are many possibilities.

We will happily come to you!

We will of course be happy to visit your company locally if you are interested. Simply talk to the respective sales representative or use the contact form.
We'd be happy to schedule a meeting the next time we are passing through your region.


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Olaf Durstewitz

Olaf Durstewitz
Head of Product Consultancy

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