Tube inside clamping system for railings, stairs, platforms and pedestals

ITAS – System of industrial stairs and platforms

Connecting tubes easily without annoying transitions

ITAS – Industrial stairs and working platforms

Individual stairways/working platforms can be implemented

Connecting tubes which have been cut to size can be connected to one another using ITAS tube connectors made of cast aluminium via a simple plug-in principle. No further mechanical processing is necessary, which reduces assembly costs to a minimum. An internal clamping mechanism and the tightening of the special clamping screws guarantee a positive connection with smooth transitions, which are pleasant to the touch and also ensure enhanced safety – injuries due to getting caught up are an impossibility. The result is a simple and stable system which fulfils all safety guidelines.

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Tube connectors for industrial staircases, railings and working platforms – PLAN AND ASSEMBLE ...IT'S AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

Crossover with ITAS clamp connectors

Crossover with ITAS clamp connectors

ITAS clamp connectors

Although the assembly time depends on the complexity of the respective construction, the time required is still considerably shorter compared to welded steel structures. The ITAS system also boasts extraordinary flexibility. Existing structures can be quickly modified, tube elements can be shortened easily and reconnected using the tube connectors.
If an extension to the tube construction is necessary, for example, the existing tube must merely be replaced by a longer one or an additional element and its corresponding connection added. A time consuming, laborious and dirty procedure to separate, weld and paint, as is still necessary with steel structures, is avoided. For this reason, the ITAS system, which leaves no residue after assembly, is particularly suitable for use in areas in which cleanliness is a decisive factor.
Railings for stairs, pedestals and working platforms can be created quickly and easily

Railings for stairs, pedestals and working platforms can be created quickly and easily

Panels, step profiles, side plates and the appropriate holders and stringers number amongst the variety of different elements in addition to tubes and numerous tube connection variants. The material used is a corrosion-resistant and easy to clean aluminium. The ITAS system can very simply be combined with the BLOCAN® profile system and the comprehensive range of RK tube connectors.

No machining required, simply assemble and job done!
Inside clamping principle

Internal clamping principle

Internal clamping principle

Principle: The clamping rocker is tilted by screwing in the threaded pin. The other side of the clamping rocker pushes the pressure piece against the inner side of the tube. Without any mechanical treatment, the tube construction is rigidly locked by easily fastening of a screw.

The internal clamping system provides a technically safe solution for the erection of rails, rack constructions, guards, build-ups, staircases and working platforms of any kind. The junctions between the used internal clamping elements and the connecting tube are smooth and friendly to the hands. Absolutely no pre-processing needed!

Quick change principle (SWS)

Quick change principle

Quick change principle (SWS)

Working and machining areas, which have needed additional guards up to now, can now be made accessible with only a few handholds using the ITAS quick change system, if necessary.
The complicate removal of rail segments is not required anymore The SWS-System combines the approved combinability of the internal clamp system with the easy assembly and disassembly of elements as an advantage over traditional rail systems. The working and machining area whose guard was laborious or had to be secured additionally, can now be included in the planning of the ITAS-system.

Railings, working platforms or pedestals ... the inside clamping system with RK tube connectors

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