aluminium construction profiles

BLOCAN® aluminium construction profiles

Good connection options due to profile slots on all sides

Image shows a profile connection

BLOCAN® - the flexible aluminium profile system

The wide variety aluminium profiles and an extensive range of accessories together form the basis for all kinds of constructions. Frames, machine frames, workbenches, shelving systems, handling and safety devices, to name just a few examples.

Our structural profiles are specially designed to provide optimal connection options (slots on all sides), and thus virtually limitless applications.

The BLOCAN®- aluminium profile system offers highly flexible and cost-effective solutions. By adapting the individual profile size to the specific load, it is possible to create a technically correct design at optimised cost. The wide choice of profile cross-sections and an extensive range of accessories mean that essentially no job is impossible. There is a solution for virtually every application.

  • Features:
  • Fixing slots on all sides
  • Limitless applications
  • Minimal construction work
  • Cost optimisation

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Construction profiles made from aluminium – simply cut to size and assemble

Flexible construction with aluminium profiles: RK connecting technology enables you to assemble profile structures for medium to heavy loads without any additional machining. Rising labour and machining costs make the flange bracket connection a genuine alternative to conventional welded joints or bolted connections. No machining or drilling, no deburring, grinding or painting, no time-consuming machining drawings. These are just a few of the work steps that you can save. All you need is an assembly drawing and a cutting list. And any assembly errors are quick and easy to rectify by simply unfastening the flange bracket connection.

The aluminium profile system is compatible with RK tube connectors and linear technology, which opens up an almost infinite range of applications.

An overview of our construction profiles as well as aluminium profiles and profile cross-sections can be found here!

Overview of aluminium profiles
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Aluminium profiles can be easily assembled thanks to the flange bracket connection:

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