Construction profiles from the BLOCAN® Profile System

BLOCAN® Structural Profiles – aluminium construction profiles

A variety of profile geometries and sizes allows optimal adaptation to prevailing technical and economic conditions. The construction profiles from the structural profiles range set their focus on optimal connection options (slots on all sides) and the therefore unlimited application options.
The BLOCAN® Profile System, which is made from aluminium, offers consistent flexibility and cost-efficiency. By adapting the relevant profile size to the load to be born, it is possible to create a technically correct design which is also optimally cost-effective. With such a broad spectrum of profile cross-sections and a comprehensive range of accessories, no task is beyond the realms of possibility.

• Fixing slots on all sides
• Unlimited application options
• Minimal effort required in construction
• Cost optimisation     


Connect without machining the profile – simply cut to length and assemble

Intelligent profile connections from RK Rose+Krieger

Connect without machining the profile – simply cut to length and assemble

With RK connecting technology, profile structures for medium to heavy loads can be assembled without additional machining. The compatibility of the profile system with the RK tube connectors and the linear technology range opens up a near infinite number of potential application options.

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Aluminium profiles can be easily assembled thanks to the flange bracket connection:

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