Application reports

Linear and profile technology from Minden increases the ease, speed and flexibility

Plastic defines our daily life. It is low-weight, cost-effective and can be made into every conceivable shape. These days, everything is made of plastic: bellows and washer tanks in cars, water tanks in washing machines, medical infusion containers and flushing bottles or blow moulded plastic packaging such as bottles, canisters and tanks, the list is endless. These blow moulded plastic containers are produced on blow moulding machines. One manufacturer of such machines is the family-run company, MBK Maschinenbau Koetke GmbH, in Lower Saxony, Germany. Since 1987, the 30 employees of MBK have been developing and manufacturing blow moulding machines and extruders for processing plastics into technical products and packaging goods. Key features of the MBK machines are excellent accessibility to all machine elements and the extra-wide design of the traverse and opening strokes, which enables the manufacture of even twisted and multi-axial products. They allow flexible use and are suitable for both sequential co-extrusion and suction blowing procedures. The blow moulding machines are particularly versatile and can be re-tooled quickly and easily.
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The new dimension in PET bottle production (2010)

Considering the huge quantities of PET bottles that are manufactured, a 3% reduction in material used represents an enormous saving. If, at the same time, precision is improved and setup time reduced, then it can be fairly described as a new dimension in PET bottle production.
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CD-DVD sorting plant

The most modern sorting and order picking plant for video and sound recording discs was put into service in November 2007 in Holzwickede. The plant, ordered by the DHL Exel Supply Chain, largely delivers to all Karstadt branches and with its capacity of 24,000 data carriers per hour it also introduces new standards for Europe.
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Automatic KLT-magazine (2008)

Our customer Bodensohn GmbH from Seligenstadt developed an automatic KLT-Magazine using the RK-Industrial Modular System.
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Logistics system with synchronised Powerlift height adjustment (2008)

HP required a height-adjustable conveyor system for their printer packing line. The Powerlift system was the only solution capable of meeting HP's quality demands within the constraints of a limited budget.
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