corrosion-resistant linear axis E-II stainless steel

E-II stainless steel –

Now with extended temperature range up to 150°C

Stainless steel linear axes available in sizes 30 and 40 mm

The E-II stainless-steel range of 100% corrosion-resistant, single-tube linear units from RK Rose+Krieger has expanded. The new high-temperature versions of these successful stainless-steel actuators feature a special material mix, which makes them suitable for use at temperatures of up to 150°C. They are also available on the market with immediate effect in the widely used sizes 30 and 40.

With these new models, the range of washdown-capable E-II stainless-steel actuators now comprises linear units for use in temperature ranges from -30°C to +150°C. "There was unexpectedly high customer interest in our stainless-steel, single-tube actuators, including versions for high temperatures, which previously we only produced on request. So we decided to add these to our standard range to meet this demand", explains Jörg Bargheer, Product Manager responsible at RK Rose+Krieger.

The new high-temperature, stainless-steel linear actuators differ from previous models in that the material and lubricants used have been adapted, and they also come with a new handwheel for adjustment. All other features and interfaces are identical to those of the existing E-II stainless-steel actuators.

  • The E-II stainless-steel range at a glance:
  • 100% corrosion-resistant
  • Sizes 30 and 40
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C or -30°C to +150°C
  • Food-safe, FDA-compliant lubricants
  • Suitable for washing down – quick and easy cleaning of the linear actuator
  • FDA-approved lubricants - (Food and Drug Administration)
  • Second free-running guide carriage (optional)
Catalogue E-II Stainless Steel

Versatile systems for format adjustment

The E-II stainless-steel linear units operate with food-safe and FDA-compliant lubricants, so they are recommended for adjusting widths, heights and lengths in packaging machines used in the food industry, for example. In the version designed for temperatures of up to 150°C, these E-II stainless-steel actuators are ideal for adjustment tasks in the production, processing and coating of glass, amongst other applications.

All E-II stainless-steel units feature ball bearings for the spindle mounting and a carriage with slide bushing. They will be available with right-hand or left-hand thread and also with right-hand and left-hand threads. The version with right-hand and left-hand threads, which features carriages that move towards each other, is particularly suitable for format adjustments.

End element

• Stainless steel ball bearing as screw bearing

• With drain hole as standard

Guide carriage / fixing elements - made from stainless steel

• Range of variants facilitates connection to your design

• Made from stainless steel, guide carriages with slide bush as standard


• Slot cover as dust protection or stroke limitation

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