New products – new possibilities

The market situation created by customer applications, cost sensibility, rising quality demands and new technical trends most often leads to new products and offers. We would surely be slower without your demands. We appreciate this very much and thank you. Please find our latest solutions as follows:

monoline corrosion protectedRK MonoLine Z80 corrosion-protectedRK MonoLine Z80 – completely corrosion-protected RK Rose+Krieger has added a completely corrosion-protected version in the widely used size 80 to its series of RK MonoLine belt-driven linear actuators. They are specially designed for automation solutions in areas where ambient or production conditions cause condensation and dripping water to form. learn moreRK multi-axis modular systemRK multi-axis modular systemPerfectly tailored to each other, selected quickly and easily The new modular system from RK Rose+Krieger can be used to construct linear, planar and three-dimensional gantries in a short space of time. The RK DuoLine and RK MonoLine axis series form the basis for the modular system. The respective CAD data, detailed assembly instructions and matched construction elements make setting up the systems easier.learn moreITAS inside clamping joint sleevesITAS inside clamping joint sleevesSleeves with adjustable joints make for maximum construction freedom With immediate effect, three new joint sleeves have been added to the catalogue range for the RK system for industrial stairs and working platforms (ITAS). The sleeves have a swivelling range of 180° and internal toothing with 15° increments which can be removed for continuously variable adjustment.learn moreRotation locking for tube connectorsAnti-Twist System – fast, simple and safe RK Rose+Krieger has expanded its range of accessories for single-piece RK Light Clamps plastic tube connectors in the 30 mm size. When used with system configurations, the new Anti-Twist rotation locking system guarantees time savings in assembly and makes for simple adjustment of the construction. learn moreLinear unit E-II made by stainless steelE-II stainless steelNow with extended temperature range up to 150°C The E-II stainless-steel range of 100% corrosion-resistant, single-tube linear units from RK Rose+Krieger has expanded. The new high-temperature versions of these successful stainless-steel actuators feature a special material mix, which makes them suitable for use at temperatures of up to 150°C.learn moreRKX softwareRKX softwareWith the newly developed RKX software, RK Rose+Krieger now makes it easier for users of the MultiControl II drive controller to configure individual control profiles. Instead of using hand switches, the system can now be operated conveniently and much quicker from a PC.learn moreExtension of the Multilift product range - lifting column with internal carriageLifting column Multilift II product lineNEW: Multilift II lifting column with internal carriage The new member of the Multilift II lifting column family is the ideal solution wherever a vertical adjusting movement is required in combination with a defined installation dimension. As a dual-column system, the lifting column with internal carriage, strokes lengths of up to 500 mm and fixing slots in the external profile, is predestined for material lifting mechanisms next to a height-adjustable assembly workstation.learn moreRK stand system for holding and positioningStand systemfor holding and positioning Maximum stability and flexible alignment for loads of up to 60 kg – the RK stand system, which now forms part of the RK Rose+Krieger standard range, offers it all! As a specialist for linear, profile, assembly connecting and modular technology, we once again demonstrate the multitude of options of product lines which are mutually compatible.learn moreTube connectors with size 18 ball jointTube connector with ball joint KU/AluRK Rose+Krieger is expanding its product range of aluminium (Solid Clamps) and plastic (Light Clamps) tube connectors to include a total of seven clamping elements with a size 18 ball joint. learn moreRK MonoLine linear unitRK MonoLine linear actuatorRange extended to include new sizes The RK Monoline range of roller guides with timing belt drives has been extended to include sizes 80x120 and 80x160. The standard sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 are available.learn moreRK MonoLine MT linear unitLinear unit RK MonoLine MTRK MonoLine MT axles with deflection-optimised profiles in sizes 80x120 and 80x160 now complement the axle portfolio. At the same time, RK Rose+Krieger expanded the RK MonoLine MT axle series to include models with an integrated retaining system (Safelock) to secure the load in a vertical arrangement.learn moreSmartphone mountSmartphone mountThe accessories range for the RK monitor mountings also includes a smartphone mount for fastening to a round tube (Ø 30mm) or the slot on RK aluminium profiles.learn moreOn the safe side with a customisable sneeze guardDroplet guardSneeze / droplet guard for point of sale, open-plan offices and reception areas The protection of employees and customers from a corona infection is currently a priority. RK Rose+Krieger has developed a sneeze guard system which can be adapted individually in size and design to suit the local conditions.learn moreOnline product finderProduct finderNew online product finder for the linear, profile and connection technology sectors In order to give customers and interested parties a better understanding of the wide RK product range and make selections easier for them, the existing selection assistants have been reworked to include various optimisations and new product finders have been introduced. learn moreMonitor floor standMonitor standWith the new height-adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its "RK monitor mounting" product range to include a robust, ergonomic standing workstation for industry. The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a stable triple column system and can be adjusted conveniently by hand to the size of the respective user.learn moreMultiControl II control for lifting columns and electric cylindersMultiControl IIAfter the premium version of the proven lifting column control MulitControl II duo, RK Rose+Krieger now presents the MultiControl II quadro. This extended variant will also be available in a basic and premium version. learn moreHeight adjustable support armsHeight adjustable support armsThe connecting technology division has added two new support arm models to the RK monitor mounting systems product portfolio.learn moreArchivelearn more