Width, length and height adjustment

The Move-Tec range for simple and occasional positioning has been divided into two categories:


Rodless style linear technology

An example of a rodless style product: A labelling head can be adapted to the product (between two fixed end positions)

Rodless style linear technology

These products are classic linear units/linear guides and are offered in different designs. A carriage moves between two fixed end positions and positions a mass. The linear unit has a fixed installation and operating length. These linear units are available with drive (spindle or timing-belt) or as guides without drive.
Längenvariable Lineartechnik

An example of a rod style product: Height adjustment of a production line. The lifting columns have a minimum installation dimension

Rod style linear technology

This is the term we use to classify products which are usually referred to as lifting columns and electric cylinders. Columns are equipped with an internal profile which extends out of the column during positioning, whereas cylinders are equipped with a rod. As a result, the installation dimension is fixed but the operating length varies. Electric cylinders are usually to be regarded as drives for which lateral loading should be avoided. In contrast, lifting columns are fitted with stable guides and can bear lateral loads as specified in the technical data.
Move-Tec product overview

Move-Tec product overview

Move-Tec product overview

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