Assi a doppio tubo – EP(X)-II 30/40

Assi a doppio tubo – EP(X)-II 30/40

Higher precision and lower tolerances of the mounting surfaces to one another are the key features that characterise the new improved version of the EP/EPX linear units for the occasional through to the frequent movement and positioning of medium to high loads in any assembly position. The robust twin tube unit compensates for high bending moments during manual and motor-driven adjustments, is compatible with its predecessors and is easier to maintain and clean. Contributing towards the ease of maintenance is the new lead nut concept: the split lead nut enables simple replacement in the case of wear and tear – no need to dismantle the linear actuator. Another innovation is the optional spindle lock on the carriage. In this case, an inner tension element takes over the clamping of the drive screw, thus preventing any inadvertent shifting of the carriage. The optimised EP/EPX linear units offer improved running properties, lower wear and tear and an extended lifetime, thanks to the ideal combination of modern materials and the standardised use of high-performance slide guides – RK Rose+Krieger has replaced the coated metal bushes with adjustable conical slide bushes made of special plastic.


doppio tubo EP(X)-II 30/40

doppio tubo EP(X)-II 30/40

La nuova generazione dell'unità a doppio tubo EP(X)-II 30/40

compensa elevati momenti fl ettenti nella regolazione manuale e motorizzata

Lineares EP-X

Bloccaggio integrato del mandrino

  • bloccaggio manuale del mandrino
    con accoppiamento forzato disponibile su
Nuovo dado di guida

Nuovo dado di guida

  • dado di guida diviso, semplice da sostituire
    senza smontare l'asse lineare
  •  maggiore durata utile grazie all'impiego
    di materiali a elevate prestazioni
Slitta con guida scorrevole standard

Slitta con guida scorrevole standard

  • Slitta con guida scorrevole standard
  • Manicotti di guida in materiali a elevate prestazioni

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