Cognitive camera-based assistance system

The cognitive assistance system for manual workstation systems – Smart Klaus


The "Smart Klaus" cognitive assembly assistance system

Instructions and quality assurance for manual assembly in real time thanks to intelligent image processing

Cognitive assembly assistance systems are known for being able to solve complex tasks in accordance with the given situation. To do so, sensors supply the relevant ambient data for the solution which is combined with the stored knowledge of the assistance system in order to determine the current situation and define an optimum approach.

Cognitive assistance systems are used in assembly in order to direct employees in production and check in real time that working steps are carried out correctly. In this field RK Rose+Krieger counts on the sophisticated and tried-and-tested "Smart Klaus" assistance system. For this purpose, this cognitive system uses camera images, industrial image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence. The camera images captured in real time at the workstation are analysed by the assistance system continuously and combined digitally with the stored specialist knowledge.

The assistance system uses the data and results from this cognitive process to generate guidelines for the employee which are tailored to the situation. When the assembly step is completed correctly, the system triggers the next stop and provides new guidelines. However, if an error occurs in assembly, it is immediately indicated with the corresponding notices.

A further considerable benefit is that the use of this kind of cognitive assistance system makes it possible to control production paper-free. The image and analysis data which is nevertheless available can be stored by the assistance system for documentation purposes, for example.

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Assembly errors and the corresponding corrective instructions are displayed immediately

Assembly errors and the corresponding corrective instructions are displayed immediately

Smart Klaus can be used not only as an aid for assembly, but also for incoming goods and outgoing goods inspection

In Goods Inwards and Goods Outwards Smart Klaus provides employees with support with automatic optical identification (Auto ID) of items which are difficult to tell apart. A further area of application for Smart Klaus is automatic optical inspection (AOI) of products in incoming goods inspection, outgoing goods inspection and final inspection on the production line.

The benefits of the cognitive assistance system at a glance:

  • Training for employees, even if there is a large variety of variants, is reduced to a minimum
  • Assembly and real-time check in one working step
  • The current working instructions and inspection procedures are always used and observed
  • Prevention of rejected goods, repairs, no claims and certified traceability
  • Productivity increases – the fault rate drops
Our service – expert consultation also available on-site

Service is our top priority

Our service – expert consultation also available on-site

Smart Klaus is a brand name for a camera-based assembly assistance system developed by OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH. We are of course in close contact with the resident product specialists there when it comes to detailed issues, and we develop the perfectly tailored solution for your processes together with you.

We assist you from the first review right through to commissioning – your partner for process optimisation!

  • Field service – on-site consultation also available
    Our Key Account managers and sales consultants are happy to visit you on site and help you draw up practical solutions.
  • Just make a sketch of your requirements
  • Workshop – definition of the required components
  • Our product specialists will devise a solution for you
  • Implementation and delivery
    We can deliver your turnkey solution or assemble and commission it for you on site.

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