Components for the height adjustment

Depending on technical and optical requirements, we have a variety of lifting columns in our product range.


MultiliftUniversal classic
  • Absorption of high lateral forces
  • Installation in narrow structures
  • Robust design
  • Wide range of accessories in standard range
  • Several Multilifts can be synchronised
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    RK SlimliftSlimline elegance
  • Slim design with filigree look
  • Compact dimensions
  • Excellent installation height/stroke ratio
  • Ready for synchronisation with MultiControl control system

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    RK PowerliftSpeed and stability
  • Absorbs high lateral forces and torsional moments
  • High travel speeds, even under load
  • Excellent installation height/stroke ratio
  • Fully integrated technology
  • Synchronisation of several RK Powerlifts with internal or
  • external control
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    Alpha ColonneStrength in a square package
  • 3-stage design for the absorption of high lateral forces
  • Homogeneous profile surfaces
  • Excellent installation height/stroke ratio
  • Synchronisation of several Alpha Colonnes possible
  • Fully integrated technology
  • Able to handle tensile and compressive forces
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    LZ60 electric cylinder
  • Integrated DC drive
  • Variable space requirements, motor arrangement in parallel or rod-shaped
  • Coverable slot geometry on both sides supports a range of fixing options
  • Excellent connecting options
  • Maintenance-free at 10,000 double strokes
  • Excellent connecting options
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Self-locking
  • Many other models in the range
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    Controls / Accessories
  • Easy commissioning
  • All connections are plug-in and protected against polarity reversal
  • Individual control through to complex multiple synchronisations
  • Hand switches and data interfaces
  • Comprehensive accessories
  • Table top frames & fixings
  • Assembly plates, adapter bars and levelling elements

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