Functional and special profiles from the BLOCAN® Profile System

BLOCAN® functional profiles – functional/special profiles made from aluminium

Added visual and functional value

Rather than merely offering the construction profiles (with slots on all sides), a modern aluminium profile system should also be able to offer a range of profiles which is functional and visually attractive. Without losing sight of RK Rose+Krieger’s basic approach (connection without machining), we have incorporated a series of functional and special profiles made from aluminium into our product portfolio which fulfil this requirement.
We have divided the so-called “functional profiles” into three sub-categories. Depending on the profile geometry, the visible, frame and special profiles can be assembled using the appropriate connecting technology, whereby no further machining of the profiles is required whatsoever. Cut the profiles to length and assemble, and reduce the effort required for planning and assembly to a minimum in the process!


  • Attractive design
  • Many functions
  • Flexible
  • Cost optimisation    

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Visible profiles with smooth outer surface Frame profile to accommodate panels Special profiles with specific geometry and/or function

Visible profiles with smooth outer surface

Frame profile to accommodate panels

Special profiles with specific geometry and/or function

These aluminium profiles are characterised by the smooth surfaces on one, multiple or four sides. Here, panels made from materials such as wire mesh, acrylic glass, Trespa, Makrolon etc. can be fitted deep into the profile and clamped firmly in place.

Principal areas of application:

  • Applications with greater design requirements
  • Environments in which the level of contamination should be kept to a minimum
  • Hygiene areas with a requirement for easy cleaning

Principal areas of application:

  • Safety guards
  • Screening
  • Covering hoods
  • Cladding

Principal areas of application:

  • Slot profiles with a flat design
  • Holders for light loads
  • Framework structures


  • F-G profiles: Geometry corresponds to the F-profile, but with closed surfaces – flange bracket connecting technology
  • W-profiles: Various angles between 30° and 90°, each with closed outer surface – connection corner joint


  • KL-profiles: Panels are clamped firmly into place using a clamping bar – connecting technology corner joint
  • ESP-profiles: Panels with a predefined thickness are inserted – connecting technology corner joint

It’s this simple to connect clamping profiles with a corner joint:

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