Selection guide Linear Technology

Selection guide Linear Technology

Guiding, adjustment, positioning or uniform motion, the requirements for linear motion operations are as numerous as the solutions. We offer you a wide spectrum of linear motion components, starting with an occasional manual movement, as well as frequent operation, through to continuous high dynamic positioning. We will be pleased to advise you and help you select the best solution for your application. If this is not enough, we will develop a new optimal solution with you.

Format adjustment via handwheel or motor

Move-Tec exhibit - format adjustment

  • Manual or electric drive

  • Occasional to multiple adjustments daily

  • Low duty cycle

  • Low speed

  • Medium to high stability

Highly dynamic linear actuators with ball screw drive

RK DuoLine S spindle linear actuators
  • Choice of internal ball rail guide or roller guid
  • Carriage and guide profile made of extruded aluminium
  • Enclosure of internal profile area
  • Central maintenance opening for roller guide adjustment and lubrication
  • BLOCAN® slot geometries for fixing accessories and attachments

Components and system solutions for highest demands

Electric cylinder LZ 70

The LZ 60 series is a brand new electric cylinder from RK Rose+Krieger featuring a wide range of functions, high power density and attractive design. Thus the cylinder is suitable both for industrial applications and for use in medical devices and fitness equipment. The drive is available in the slim rod shape (LZ 60 S) or with parallel-mounted motor (LZ 60 P).

  • Timing-belt linear actuators RK DuoLine Z
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Flexible positioning of motor thanks to pulley boxes with hollow shafts
  • Repeatability ±0.05 mm

Lifting columns, Electric cylinders

Lifting columns are the ideal drive element when stable guidance is required in addition to motorised adjustment. The entire technology is integrated and invisible from the outside. Often-required cladding is not necessary for lifting columns. Electrotechnical knowledge is not general necessary for putting it into operation. There are different versions available as standard for medical technology applications.

Electric cylinders are self-locking, which means that no power is supplied when at a standstill. This makes electric cylinders an interesting alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Powerful DC motors, signal lines, potentiometers and Hall ICs for position sensing, and integrated limit switches thus respond to the most common requirements by simple means.


Adapter plates for static lifting columns enable vertical adjustment in the Z-axis, which helps relieve over-determined systems.

RK Syncflex - Adapter plates for static lifting columns

No matter how precise the manufacturing and assembly processes, it is almost impossible to avoid minor tolerances when installing technical modules. In the case of rigid systems, like lifting columns and electric cylinders, this can cause distortions and lead to malfunctions, such as irregular movement, increased energy costs and an overload of the control, right through to complete device failure. RK has developed a solution for this problem that is not currently available on the market: adapter plates for lifting columns and an axial adjustment for electric cylinders.

anti vibration spindle für linear unit

RK Rose+Krieger anti vibration spindle

RK Rose+Krieger offers its RK DuoLine linear actuators in sizes 60/80/120/160 with a choice of timing-belt or spindle drive. In all spindle-driven linear units, spindles which exceed a certain length lead to the spindle oscillating undesirably at high speeds, which reduces the life of the unit. For this reason, such linear actuators could only be operated at low speeds in the past.