RK Rose+Krieger at Motek 2022

In focus: components for more construction freedom and simpler assembly

This year at Motek, the focus is on innovations in tube connection technology and linear technology. The new items which RK Rose+Krieger will be presenting in Stuttgart, include joint sleeves for the industrial stairs and working platform system (ITAS), an anti-twist mechanism for system configurations, a multi-axis modular system for gantry constructions and the RK MonoLine Z80 linear actuator with corrosion-resistant design.

Anti-Twist system makes assembling system configurations child's play

The new "Anti-Twist" rotation locking system has been available for a short time as an accessory for single-piece RK Light Clamps plastic tube connectors in size 30 mm. When used with system configurations, the new Anti-Twist system guarantees time savings in assembly and makes for simple adjustment of the construction. The system is made of anodised aluminium tubing (30 mm diameter) with four profile slots offset at an angle of 90° plus black, reinforced polyamide plastic clips. It can be combined with any 30 mm single-piece RK Light Clamp with closed design. Not only can it be aligned and installed much more simply than conventional metal clamps, but it also withstands up to three times greater torsional moments than standard tube connectors made of plastic.

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Sleeves with adjustable joints make for maximum construction freedom

With immediate effect, three new joint sleeves have been added to the catalogue range for the RK system for industrial stairs and working platforms (ITAS). The sleeves have a swivelling range of 180° and internal toothing with 15° increments which can be removed for continuously variable adjustment. The hinge allows you to offset minor unevenness in the floor and provides maximum construction freedom thanks to a freely selectable angle position. To assemble the new joint sleeves, which can be combined with all ITAS elements and 40 mm tubes, still only standard tools are required.

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New multi-axis modular system simplifies construction and assembly of gantry systems

With the new modular system, linear, planar and three-dimensional gantries can be set up quickly and simply using the RK DuoLine and RK MonoLine series as the basis. The multi-axis modular system contains matched construction components, such as clamping bars, system plates and brackets, universal drag chain holders and motor adapters for connecting servo motors and planetary gears from all popular manufacturers. The corresponding CAD data and detailed assembly and installation instructions simplify construction and assembly.


RK MonoLine Z80 with corrosion protection

RK Rose+Krieger now supplies a completely corrosion-resistant version of the RK MonoLine Z80 linear actuator specifically for areas of application in which condensation and dripping water form due to the ambient or production conditions. To achieve this, all the parts of the actuator which are made of steel on the standard version, have been replaced with stainless steel components. Prefabricated drain holes are also provided for vertical use of the actuator in the pulley box. They can be opened by the customer as and when required.