RK Safelock approved by employer's liability insurers

RK Safelock approved by employer's liability insurers

RK Safelock, the locking system designed to be integrated into gravity-loaded linear units in a vertical or diagonal position, has obtained employer's liability insurer approval. This officially confirms its reliability and its usage according to regulations as a locking device.

When integrated into the linear units RK DuoLine Safelock and RK Multiline Safelock from RK Rose+Krieger, the locking device is absolutely reliable and always prevents unintentional dropping of the vertical actuator in all of the linear guide's life cycles (installation, servicing, maintenance and dismounting). This means the system is superior to both conventional integrated and external systems. RK Safelock operates independently of the motor brake and therefore locks the actuator even when the drive unit is being dismounted, during which the motor brake is out of operation. RK Safelock is automatically activated in the event of a pressure drop, keeping the loads safely in place. This means no more accidents occur due to falling carriages during service work. Even with lubricated rails the system's locking force is absolutely guaranteed. The locking force in linear units with integrated RK Safelock is up to 2,000 N. In the event of an overload, the carriage drops slowly – unlike some rival systems, which completely fail in such situations and release the load all at once. Since the locking element only works in one direction, if necessary, the carriage can be raised without much effort even with the lock activated, and then reliably fixed in any position. "This can be useful if, for example, an object was jammed under the carriage," explains Jörg Bargheer, product manager for linear technology at RK Rose+Krieger.
Because the locking system is integrated into the linear unit, the element is invisible and protected from external influences as much as possible. In addition, there are no disturbing elements outside the actuator. A separate mounting device is not required for the locking element. It is simply placed on the existing ball guide rail. The customer saves on material costs and the extra engineering work that goes into external locking devices. "The overall dimensions of the locking element are no greater than the guide carriage. The length of the carriage is increased only by the length of the RK Safelock element. The high locking forces coupled with our unrivalled small dimensions make us unique in the market," says Jörg Bargheer. RK Rose+Krieger currently offers "RK Safelock" as an optional extra for its RK DuoLine linear units 120x80 II, 160 and RK MultiLine. Use with size 80 is possible on request.


RK Safelock is complete integrated in the linear unit

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EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Haltelement RK Safelock wird aktiviert

The system is switched off, The locking system is activated, Maintenance and set-up work can be carried out without risk to operating personnel