Electric cylinder LZ FL/PL

Electric cylinder LZ FL/PL

Electric cylinder LZ 70

The parallel-type RK linear cylinder LZ 70 P has just been added to the heavy-duty cylinder family. RK Rose+Krieger is thus responding to the market demand for more compact electric cylinders with servo drive. After the resounding success of the smaller electric cylinder LZ 60 with parallel-mounted drive, RK Rose+Krieger is now offering a parallel type of the larger version: LZ 70 P. In contrast to its little brother, the LZ 70 P can be combined with any servo motor and its compact dimensions are similar to a pneumatic cylinder of equal power output. Like the entire RK linear technology range, the LZ 70 P boasts 100% duty cycle. This makes it equally suitable for simple adjustment tasks and for high-precision and dynamic positioning. Equipped with a ball screw, the LZ 70 P handles compressive/tensile forces of up to 5,000 N with a top speed of 1 m/s and acceleration of 5 m/s².
Using a suitable adapter, this interesting alternative to a pneumatic cylinder can be operated with servo motors. The customer is able to use his existing motors, which saves time and procurement costs. Furthermore, his know-how in relation to implementation, starting up, service and documentation is still of use.
Electric cylinder LZ FL/PL

electric cylinders LZ 70 details

Like all heavy-duty cylinders, the LZ 70 P can be supplied with IP 65 protection rating, special stroke lengths and with external magnetic switches. RK Rose+Krieger can also supply complete systems comprising linear cylinder, drive train and controller, with IP 54 protection rating. Customers requiring a high-end product should choose the appropriate configuration with recirculating-ball spindle and servo motor with absolute encoder.

Coverable slots on both sides of the RK linear cylinder provide flexibility for the mounting of attachments – alternatively via slot stones or trunnions. Fork joints are also available for covered securing of magnetic switches for precise position determination. The magnets themselves are integrated in the cylinder as standard.

The service life of the energy-efficient heavy-duty cylinder is currently up to 15,000 kilometers or at least 10,000 operating hours.