< class="big">Designing ergonomic workstations online

RK Rose+Krieger reworked its configurator for the RK Easywork workstation system. Users can access the new online tool for designing standard workstations from the company website. The configurator checks in the background each of the user's selections for plausibility and displays the result of the selection in real time. The user can also finish the process by having the CAD model and a PDF data sheet for his or her workstation produced. The appropriate dialogue box is available for indicating special requirements and/or a request for further consultation.

New Easywork configurator generates CAD drawings automatically

Height-adjustable assembly workstations can be adapted individually to the size of the respective worker and are therefore beneficial for his or her physical health. The new online configurator from RK Rose+Krieger helps with the design of these types of workstations.

The tool features self-explanatory menu navigation and guides the user step by step through the design of the workstation right up to the point of sending the final request for a quotation. Thanks to the appropriate provided logic, with each step the configurator only allows for selections to be made which work on a technical level.

Static and height-adjustable tables, ESD portals with or without booms, different lifting columns and various table tops, keyboard shelves, floor units with drawers, lighting and many more items are available.

All inputs are displayed with a single click as a 3D drawing on the screen, next to the input mask. This way, the user sees the result of his or her selection in real time and can correct the selection if not satisfied. After completing the configuration, the user can generate a CAD model and PDF data sheet and send it to RK Rose+Krieger. A dialogue box can also be used to specify special requirements or directly request a consultation appointment.

The configurator is freely accessible at the following internet address