Living and working with Corona

Right now politicians and virologists have clear aims for dealing with the COVID 19 virus.


Hartmut Hoffmann, RK Rose+Krieger Managing Director

Hartmut Hoffmann, RK Rose+Krieger Managing Director

We must slow down the spread of the virus together (flatten the curve)

In order to be able to give those who are seriously ill, the best possible treatment and increase their chances of survival. In order to ensure that our Healthcare system does not collapse, we all need to play our part. At the same time, we as a company must find ways to be able to carry on working and being at our customers’ disposal. We all want to keep our jobs because there will be a life after Corona. Everybody’s health is vitally important to us, which is why we consistently implement the official guidelines and regulations at state and federal level, as well as individual internal measures.

Our declared goal is to act responsibly and protect our employees and society. This always has been, and always will be our top priority. Despite all the restrictions, we are able to work and keep our operations running. You can reach our team via e-mail and telephone. If you are unable to reach your personal contact, you are very welcome to contact us directly here in Minden at HQ. We would then forward your request internally for the fastest possible response. We successfully triumphed over the crisis in 2009 in a great mutual effort and we will overcome this challenge too, if all act calmly, responsibly and purposefully.


Hartmut Hoffmann

Managing Director