Automatisches KTL-Magazin

Small load container magazine comprising industrial components

Statek in Maintal, a manufacturer of stamping and bending parts, required an adaptable yet completely automatic small load con-tainer magazine system for the production of series parts. The use of standard magazines was not possible due to the need for flexi-ble production processes. Bodensohn GmbH from Seligenstadt was interested in the project. The following special development was tailored exactly to the requirements and was implemented at a moderate cost due to the use of components.


The task

Steel strip is automatically unwound and fed into the stamping and bending machine. Depending on orders, 100 small parts per minute are produced and are then passed to the small load container with a capacity of 1,400 parts. The drop results in an angle of repose which meant the small load container capacity was not completely utilised.

Once the small load container was full, the machine stopped and waited for manual changeover of the container. This changeover could take some minutes depending on employee availability.

The production of the stampings with narrow timelines requires rapid decision-making in the selection of machines. The fixed installation of a magazine was out of the question since each machine has different interfaces.

Implementation with industrial components
Bodensohn decided in favour of the consistent use of Rose+Krieger industrial components to observe the cost framework, ensure qual-ity and guarantee adaptability to the various machines.

The basic construction of the small load container magazine com-prised BLOCAN® profile system and has 12 storage sections. The handling system comprises an RK toothed belt unit that can be swivelled by 180°. Thus the system can be moved upwards and posi-tioned at an angle of 90° left and right.

The parts fall out of the machine discharge via a chute into the empty small load container. The chute has a motor-driven flap magazine to permit continuous production even during container changeover. This magazine holds all the parts produced during the container changeover. An RK electric cylinder closes the flap and the series parts drop into the magazine. As soon as an empty box has been positioned, the flap opens and the parts drop into the con-tainer. The entire unit can be adjusted via a mounting rail and can be adapted rapidly to the respective machine.


Special features

The small load container at the discharge is constantly vibrated to prevent angle of repose and thus optimise the capacity utilisation.

Sensor elements permanently monitor the storage capacity of the small load container magazine. Full boxes can be removed manually from the back of the machine and replaced with empty ones during operation. The system registers the change and includes the empty boxes in the process.

Everything from one company
The intense use of the RK industrial modules and the Rose+Krieger technical support kept expenditure within the limits specified. The compatibility covering all products meant that there were no surprises in the development and production of the small load con-tainer magazine. The reproducibility in follow-on and new orders is greatly facilitated by the use of components.