Europe's most modern CD/DVD sorting plant made of RK-industrial components

The most modern sorting and order picking plant for video and sound recording discs was put into service in November 2007 in Holzwickede. The plant, ordered by the DHL Exel Supply Chain, largely delivers to all Karstadt branches and with its capacity of 24,000 data carriers per hour it also introduces new standards for Europe.

The most modern industrial components made by the company RK Rose+Krieger GmbH have been applied to reach this high performance output.


Higher piece numbers - more individuality

The task on hand included that each Karstadt branch can request an orderrelated quota of video and sound recording discs, independent of the quantity at the new logistics centre and receive them in a short time.

The equipment only needs to be stocked with CDs and DVDs. Then everything runs automatically with a breathtaking speed. The whole data collection and the electronic processing per CD/DVD are completed within 150 milliseconds and become history quickly. At the same time, up to 752 orders can be processed on 8 sorting lines. Even special requirements such as labelling, electronic article surveillance or foliation can be considered without time loss.

Multifunctional suppliers were required

The company SRD Maschinenbau GmbH from Enger near Herford is the specialist in the field of planning and manufacturing of sorting plants for date recording discs. Project manager Frank Happe already eyed the short production time of only 20 weeks from the beginning. The project and logistics plan, which was especially created, was agreed with the partner firms in detail.

Already during the planning process, suppliers had to be selected who can provide a multifunctional product range and are productive enough to master the task.


The efficiency of industrial components

According to Frank Happe, the reduction of the number of suppliers facilitated the communication considerably.

They chose the project experienced manufacturer of industrial components RK Rose+Krieger GmbH as main supplier for the mechanical components. According to Happe, the compatible modular system of aluminium construction profiles, linear systems and tube connection technologies matched perfectly with demands.


Logistiksystem mit RK Hubsäulen

Project control in practise

The support frames which consist completely of about 7,000 metres of BLOCAN® aluminium profiles, and about 1,000 tube connecting elements, were mounted in the Rose+Krieger production area and delivered to SRD just in time.

For the adjustment of the data carrier magazines, 750 toothed belt-linear systems type PLZ II 40 were produced in the production area in Minden and were sent to a mounting company.

Here, RK-specialists installed the linear axes with the whole drive technology and after the assembly of the fixing flanges for the connection of the BLOCAN®-frames, they were supplied as blocks of 12 pieces to the construction site continuously every 2-3 days.

Within 4 weeks of detailed planning, 14 weeks of production time and further 2 weeks for commissioning, the most modern multimedia-sorting plant of Europe with dimensions of 45 x 70 metres could be handed over as a turnkey-ready plant to the owner DHL.