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RKX software –

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Control configuration made easy

With its RKX software, RK Rose+Krieger makes it easier for users of the MultiControl II drive controller to configure individual control profiles. Instead of using hand switches, the system can be operated conveniently and much quicker from a PC. The RKX software, together with the RKX interface (cable), provides you with numerous different options for interaction with your controller. Alongside the main functions explained in the following, you can also view the run time to date, the current temperature of the controller, the number of positioning movements completed and much more.

  • Highlights/features:
  • Software update
  • Controller configuration
  • Controller operation
  • Read-out and export of fault history
  • Status of the controller
  • Visualisation of motor current
  • Storage of configuration profiles
  • Guided start-up

If you have any questions about RK drives and controllers, or about using the RKX software, feel free to contact our product specialists.

32 Bit Installer 64 Bit Installer


Using the RKX you can update the Multi Control II controllers with a new software version and thus access new functions.Also, in the event of a replacement delivery to your end customer you can restore the individual factory settings (e.g. preactivated functions, certain software version etc.) so that integration into your customer‘s overall system works smoothly. Software profiles which have been individually adapted to you or your customer by RK Rose+Krieger can also be transferred to the controller.


The RKX also provides you with access to the fault history of your MultiControl II. This feature can be used to read out the most recent 20 reports from the controller. The entries can be used to draw con- clusions relating to one-off or recurring faults, e.g. constructional distortions, faults in the voltage supply or overloaded drives. This data can be used to define further measures for optimisation of the service life and to reduce downtimes on your overall system.


This menu item is used to configure various (pre) settings for the MultiControl II in accordance with your individual requirements. In addition, the entire system and the various premium functions can be started up intuitively. Moreover, the set options can be saved as (customer) profiles, allowing you to guarantee consistent functionality for your end customers.


In order to check the settings made previously and determine the current motor current of your application, for instance, the drives can also be moved using the RKX. In addition to many further options, you can also set the premium functions (collision detection (SPP), drive group management, and relative and absolute positioning), memory positions and stroke limitation. That way, nothing stands between you and problem-free set-up of your or your customer‘s application.

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