Twin-tube linear actuator with ball screw drive

EP(X) II KG – twin-tube linear actuator with ball screw drive

The new high-precision linear unit with polished solid shafts and ball linings is the successor to the tried-and-tested COPAS actuator from RK Rose+Krieger. The EP(X) II KG is suitable for dynamic movement and precise positioning of medium to high loads in any installed position in continuous operation. Adjustment is preferably performed with servomotors. When doing so, almost all types from any number of manufacturers can be adapted.

The functional dimensions of the new unit, which compensates high bending moments, have been adapted to those of the EP(X) product line. This facilitates free combination with any other actuators and the entire range of accessories from the line. The EP(X) II KG Protect version of the new linear unit can be equipped with optional bellows to protect the actuator. It thus achieves protection class IP 40.

Series production available from February 2019.


  • Identical connection sizes as previous version
  • Standard- and long carriage
  • X-version possible via connecting plate and external guide table
  • Protect: with bellows and protection class IP 40
  • Combination of EPX II 40 KG and EPX-II 40 trapezoidal thread is possible
  • Second free-running carriage


Vorteile Spindelachse / Lineareinheit mit Kugelgewindetrieb

Twin-tube linear actuator with ball screw drive

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