The new heavy-duty cylinder SLZ 63 has an ideal height/stroke length ratio and can be integrated flexibly into a wide range of applications

New electric cylinder for heavy-duty applications

Electric cylinder SLZ 63

Electric cylinder SLZ 63

RK Rose+Krieger has expanded its range of electric cylinders with the introduction of an additional electromechanical heavy-duty cylinder: the SLZ 63. Thanks to its square shape, slots in the external profile and fitting dimensions according to DIN ISO 15552, the SLZ 63 can be integrated flexibly into a wide range of customer-specific applications. As the motor is fitted parallel to the cylinder, it has an ideal height/stroke length ratio. The maximum stroke length is 1,000 m, but stroke lengths of up to 1,500 m can be provided on request. The cylinder versions come with an IP 54 protection rating as standard. The IP 65 protection rating is also available as an option.

RK Rose+Krieger offers the compact new heavy-duty cylinder in three versions: in the Fastline version with ball screw drive, the SLZ 63 reaches a travel speed of up to 1,250 mm/s. The Powerline version with ball screw drive and the Powerline version with ACME screw drive are able to handle compressive and tensile forces of up to 10,000 N and 15,000 N respectively. The heavy-duty cylinders with ball screw drive can be operated on a 100% duty cycle.

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