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RK Easywork workstation

RK Rose+Krieger developed its RK Easywork workstation system on the basis of its complete industrial range.
Offering electrical height-adjustable and individually configurable workplaces, the one-stop supplier of linear, profile, connection and module technology caters to the diverse requirements of industry for the optimal combination of manual as well as semi- or fully automatic assembly and inspection processes. BLOCAN® aluminium structural profiles and electric RK lifting columns offer the right combination for the creation of high-quality table concepts. Standardisable portals for mounting a wide variety of workstation-specific lights, storage systems and tools from renowned manufacturers as well as supply rails at the back of the table for the compressed air and power feed round out the concept. What results is extremely user-friendly and ergonomic workstations. The RK Easywork System differs from comparable systems mainly in its flexibility – from the single workstation made of standardised components chosen from the catalogue to the complex customised solution, everything is possible.

Electrical height-adjustment for greater ergonomics

Electrical height-adjustment for greater ergonomics
For example, at a manufacturer of differential pressure sensors each assembly workstation comprises two work tables, each 1500 mm wide and 800 mm deep, placed together to form an L shape. One table serves the pre-assembly, one the final assembly. While each L-shaped table generally accommodates a single worker, employees are assigned to the various work tables on a rotating basis. And it is this rotation between the individual assembly stations with their fixed table height that has caused problems in the past. Back ache and consequently an increasing amount of sensor waste occurred as a result. The solution was the electrical height-adjustable RK Easywork workstations. Two RK Multilift lifting columns switched in parallel facilitated the individual adjustment of the table height. A standardised portal for mounting the different workstation-specific tools and materials as well as the individual lights and a supply rail at the back of the table for the compressed air and power feed round out the new ergonomic assembly workstations..

Selection aid and individual advice

Selection aid and individual advice
The RK Easywork selection aid helps companies to configure their workstations. Like the Linear Technology and Connection Technology RK selection aids, it is easy to use and guides the user to the ideal workstation in just a few steps without having to download any software. First you select the table: RK Rose+Krieger offers two different versions, a static and an electrical height-adjustable model. Next you select the portal and the accessories, such as braces for additional reinforcement, drawers or optional ESD accessories for the table as well as additional lighting, holders for parts containers, monitors, foot supports, standing chairs and much more besides. The socket outlet for the power feed can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of the country. A wide range of table tops and optionally available screening enable countless design options.
The suggested configuration and any additional wishes form the starting point for a customer-specific consultation provided by the specialists from RK Rose+Krieger.
RK Easywork workstation system

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