News from RK DuoLine family

Like its bigger brothers and sisters, the small timing-belt-driven RK DuoLine Z 60 features a low geometric moment of inertia, which makes it even more dynamic and able to achieve higher cycle rates than comparable models. This is also aided by the timing belt material: It is made of durable and resilient neoprene. Timing-belts made from this high-quality material impress due to their smooth running and high precision even when subjected to high dynamic loads.
Additional characteristics of the maintenance-friendly timing-belt driven ball rail actuators include short cycle times and high cycle rates, as well as high repeatability and reliability – even in three-shift operation. Their flexible motor connection, which can also be modified retrospectively, simplifies positioning, dispenses with the need for expensive modifications in the event that an incorrect motor outlet direction is ordered and reduces replacement costs for spare parts. The coupling is partially integrated in the pulley box, which allows a space-saving motor configuration. The RK DuoLine linear units come equipped with screw-fit tapered lubrication nipples as standard. This feature enables lubrication in any carriage position and also helps to clearly extend maintenance intervals compared to conventional guides. The degree of protection reaches IP40 if an optional stainless steel cover strip is added.


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