Profile technology selection aid

Profile technology

Structural, Functional- und Heavy Duty Profiles

Just like its counterparts in other ranges, the new selection aid is guided strictly by your requirements and leads you to the most suitable product in only three steps. RK Rose+Krieger has split the profile technology field into three categories according to the application:
  • Structural Profiles for stable, versatile structures. Their features include fixing slots on all sides, unlimited application options, little effort required in construction and optimal planning and assembly costs.
  • Functional Profiles with appealing designs impress with their added visual and functional value as well as great flexibility in their application.
  • Heavy Duty Profiles are specially designed for heavy loads and the highest stability requirements. Use while subject to high dynamic loads, large structures and a comparatively low weight are their distinguishing features.

    Then comes the choice of the necessary size, profile structure and dimensions. In the third step, the design, number of slots, type of installation and additional functions such as visible or frame profile are determined. Graphic descriptions of the RK safety guard, which is based on profile technology, as well as the RK Easywork workplaces complete the selection aid. A main catalogue for profile technology will be updated accordingly and available from the turn of the year.

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