The RK monitor mounting is high-strength, making it suitable for industrial applications

RK monitor mounting –

high-strength, flexible and individually adaptable

Monitor mounting

Industrial grade monitor mountings for connecting monitors, display screens or operating housings

Monitors, touch screens, displays and control panels are used every day, and not just in the office. Industrial machines and systems are programmed or performance data displayed on modern touch screens or control panels. In utility vehicles, camera monitoring systems facilitate resetting and navigation devices make positioning possible. On conveyors, monitors make it possible to monitor and visualise all sorts of processes. Today, control panels or flat screens are often an essential component of modern assembly workstations, too.

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The RK monitor mounting - flexible and individually adaptable

  • Features:
  • Choice of user-specific or VESA-standard monitor connection
  • High-strength materials guarantee a long-term load-bearing capacity of up to 25 kg, for reliable processes
  • Rotary flange and ball joint:vibration-proof locking in 15° increments
  • Compact: fixing principle with half shells (suitable for retrofitting and extensions) reducing bushes available (round or square 20, 25, 30mm)
  • Connects to aluminium profile, and thus also to the machine frame using slot stones
  • Universal mounting holes facilitate simple wall mounting

RK Rose+Krieger has addressed this issue and developed a flexible and adaptable monitor mounting that meets the requirements of industry: The RK monitor mounting is designed for monitors, control panels and touch screens up to 25 kg and offers many degrees of freedom. The screen can be turned, tilted and swivelled and – if fixed to a round or square tube system – also height-adjusted. No tools required! All degrees of freedom can be adjusted separately via lever/handwheel bolts. With tilt-adjustment in 15° increments and vibration-proof locking.

RK monitor mountings stand up to the tough demands of day-to-day industrial use

Standard monitor holders and their disadvantages

Standard systems are generally designed for office applications. Industrial environments push these monitor mountings to their limits. For example, they normally can carry loads of only six to twelve kilograms and are not robust enough for use on machines, systems or assembly workstations. If exposed to vibration, shocks or frequent adjustment, the ball joints often used do not provide sufficient hold or have a limited lifetime. Another common problem is undesired adjustment.

The demands on a monitor mounting in industrial use are high: They should have a higher load-bearing capacity and be vibration-proof. In addition, they should meet the requirements for an ergonomic workstation. This means that it should be possible to adjust all degrees of freedom independently and separately, and without tools. Then it must reliably hold the device in the set position even if exposed to shocks. Another important requirement for a versatile monitor mounting is that it is flexible in how it fixes to a machine/system and the fitting dimensions of the devices. Often users make do with complicated self-made or office solutions, or oversized support arm systems. These solutions prove inadequate in the industrial environment in the long term or may be much too expensive.

Overview monitor mountings:

Rotary flange monitor mounting Ball joint monitor mounting NEW: Monitor mounting compact

Rotary flange monitor mounting

Ball joint monitor mounting

NEW: Monitor mounting compact

Basic version for easy connection of display devices Even more degrees of freedom through a ball joint socket The monitor mounting in the "compact" version is new to the program.


  • max. load capacity 25 kg (static)
  • can be turned through 90°
  • reducing bushes available (round 20 and 25mm, square 20mm)


  • max. load capacity 10 kg (static)
  • 60° free swivelling
  • reducing bushes available (round 20 and 25mm, square 20mm)


  • short design
  • fixing principle with half shells (suitable for retrofitting and extensions)
  • reducing bushes availableh (round or square 20, 25, 30mm)

Monitor attachment via VESA or universal mount

One great advantage of the brackets is the flexibility they offer for device fitting dimensions and for installation options. The user can mount the screens/control panels via a VESA Standard 75/100 connecting plate – in other words, with a 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm mounting hole pattern – or a round aluminium universal mounting surface. Thus, in principle, just about any panel can easily be connected up without special components.

The monitor mounting can be mounted in the slot of any aluminium profile system using slot stones, or on any other tube, profile or any wall. The screws and slots stones required for installation on an RK profile system are included in the scope of delivery.

The RK monitor mounting is made of an optimised mix of materials: The wall mount and connecting plates are made of aluminium, the tube connectors of high-strength plastic. Since the construction consists of optimised RK standard products, the monitor mounting, including all installation options, is economical and available in no time.

RK Monitor mounting with ball joint

As well as the RK monitor mounting RK Rose+Krieger also offers a monitor mounting with ball joint. This version can withstand loads weighing up to 10 kg (static) and offers even more degrees of freedom. Thanks to a special coating on the ball joint and a clamping mechanism registered as a utility model, this mounting version guarantees the static friction required for reliable processes.

Reducing bushes for connection of different cross sections and diameters

Optionally available reducing bushes facilitate the connection of monitor holders to the widest range of different tube diameters and cross sections (round and square tubing).
The bushes are simply clipped into the mounting (captive).

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Animation monitor mounting / application examples for multiple monitors

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RK monitor mounting accessories for even more functionality

Further scenarios for use: commercial vehicles and cabin vehicles, such as crane systems, agricultural machines, floor conveyors and many more

As well as the use of RK monitor holders in the industrial environment, thanks to their robust and vibration-resistant construction, these products are also suitable for commercial vehicles and cabin vehicles. Nowadays, modern agricultural machines and construction vehicles, crane systems, support vehicles, floor conveyors are equipped with display and operating devices for control and monitoring of processes. Reliable and stable mounts are required for fastening them in a driver's cabin, for instance, in a vibration-resistant and ergonomic manner. RK Rose+Krieger supplies a very flexible system for this purpose, ideally adapted to the working environment.

Monitor mounting for multiple monitors (2, 3, 4, 6…fold)

It can be used as an individual monitor mounting and also for the placement of multiple monitors. The RK Rose+Krieger module (tube connector, profile system) provides almost limitless options for ideal positioning of monitor holders and display devices.

In control rooms there are often multiple monitors and display devices arranged next to each other and one above the other. The support arm telescope enables the quick and easy ergonomic arrangement of any number of monitors in a range of formats, for instance.

Monitor mounting available from stock – customer-specific solutions possible

RK Rose+Krieger has an extensive range of aluminium, plastic and stainless steel tube connectors. The monitor mounting described here is designed and tested by us, and approved for use in a wide range of applications.

However, in principle, user-specific adaptations are possible at any time. If you need a modified version for your application, then speak to us! With our extensive product range and our experience in connecting technology, we are sure to be able to offer you just the right monitor mounting.

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