Lifting columns Multilift II

Multilift II lifting column – greater stability, flexibility and robustness

The telescopic version of the Multilift is available from now on.

Multilift II lifting columns – ready to install Plug & Work packages

Multilift II / Multilift -telescope-lifting columns – ready to install Plug & Work packages

The electromotive lifting column Multilift II entered full-scale production just in time for the Hanover Trade Fair. The uniquely flat lifting column achieves lifting forces of up to 3000 N, making it ideal for synchronous moving applications in special-purpose machine and series-built machine production, and for the height adjustment of the assembly workstations in ergonomic workstation systems. For this specific application, RK Rose+Krieger offers a synchronised version of the Multilift II in the prefabricated Plug & Work package – which you can see for yourself at the Hanover Trade Fair.

The telescopic version of the Multilift – the Multilift II telescope – is RK Rose+Krieger's response to greater demands from customers for two-legged bench systems. The new lifting column conforms to the ergonomics standard for workbenches (DIN EN 527-1:2011) and features an optimum height/stroke length ratio: With an installation dimension of 560 mm and a stroke length of 650 mm, the Multilift II telescope also handles compressive forces of up to 3,000 N. This is unique in the market for a lifting column of its form at present.
Customer feedback formed the basis for a number of improvements in the design of the Multilift II. One new feature is an assembly slot on both sides of the external profile of the electric lifting column, which is compatible with the RK Rose+Krieger aluminium profile system and can take corresponding slot stones. They allow additional attachments like reinforcements, screening and so on to be mounted without any problems.



Ready to install Plug & Work packages for height adjustment

RK Rose+Krieger supplies the lifting column in the synchronous version in a prefabricated Plug & Work package. The completely pre-initialised package consists of two Multilift II lifting columns, a Compact-e-3-EU control, a mains cable and cover profiles, as well as an optional freely selectable hand switch. This gives you everything you need to set up a standing workstation for up to 3000 N and stroke lengths of 355 mm to 500 mm with ease. The flat design gives an added space gain.



Align lifting columns easily and without distortion with RK SyncFlex

The Multilift II can be mounted quickly and easily on standard profile systems with the use of assembly plates. Optional RK SyncFlex adjuster plates facilitate lifting column alignment and prevent distortions, which could lead to failures if over-determined systems are overloaded. Furthermore, various special options are available if required.
Our product consultants would be happy to advise you on the design of your height adjustment.



Features of the new Multilift II lifting column

Bevelled caps

Bevelled caps

Mounted table tops and superstructures can present a risk of crushing when the lifting columns retract. The bevelled caps are intended to prevent/reduce this.
Concealed fixing slot

Concealed fixing slot

The fixing slots on the side facilitate the easy attachment of accessories. For example, a screen, CPU bracket or system reinforcements can be fixed to the lifting columns using slot stones.

The slot geometry is compatible with the RK BLOCAN aluminium profile system.
All versions with base plate for compressive and tensile forces

All versions with base plate for compressive and tensile forces

All Multilift II lifting columns have a base plate for compressive and tensile loads as standard. Plates on the side with corresponding holes facilitate lifting column fixing/attachment.
Fixed motor cable with captive plug

Fixed motor cable with captive plug

A fixed motor cable (3 m) with captive plug ensures problem-free operation and serves as the control interface.
Robust GRP motor housing

Robust GRP motor housing

A robust GRP motor housing protects the drive unit.

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