Schutzsystem Click & Safe

Protection and partitioning system BLOCAN® – Click & Safe –

The fast and easy way to get a guarding...

The secure fixation between the upright and the guarding element is realised with an up-to-date connection element, which fulfils all actual safety requirements for guarding systems and guarding elements. Upright and guarding element comprise all necessary components with delivery. This means the final assembly of the guarding elements can be performed without additional tools. After fixing the upright to the bottom, the guarding elements have to be inserted into the lower connection elements and just pressed into the upper elements – ready. “Click & Save"


Assembly step 1:
Insert frame into the bottom bracket.
Assembly step 2:
Push frame into top bracket.The safety fence element clicks and automatically locks into place.
In accordance with the Machinery Directive, the safety fence element is removed with a special unlocking tool.
  • complies with the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • fast and easy assembly (approx. 5 seconds assembly time per panel)
  • connection elements pre-fitted (on post and grid element)
  • smooth, easy-to-maintain outer surfaces, attractive design
  • extensive range of standard products
  • can be customised to suit your needs


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